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Product Consulting

Get started with our highly-experienced and knowledgeable product consultants.

Our product consultants operate on a mantra of trust and transparency - providing straightforward answers about our capabilities and your best options.

“Sometimes you take a step back and think of something you never knew could exist, and with Stitch, we’ve been able to build just that… I have complete trust in Stitch. I’m fully bought in.”

– James Hargett, Manager of CX and Fulfillment | Chubbies




Solutions Engineering

In-depth technical solutions that bring your whole operation into alignment.

Our solutions engineers provide deep technical analysis of your existing tech stack, assuring success when implementing Stitch Labs into your business.

“Our implementation was so easy, I did most of it while on vacation. The process was super straight-forward and my implementation manager was amazing. We took everything step-by-step instead of onboarding all at once. I fully understood each step before we moved onto the next.”

– Lauren Kutting, Founder/CEO | Life in Play




Implementation & Training

We don’t just give you a username and password and send you on your way.

From day one, we work with you to make sure that you launch fast and are set-up for success. Our Implementation Managers will provide deep training and understanding of Stitch as well as how it fits into your operational ecosystem.

“Stitch Labs has been fantastic to work with. During the onboarding process, they left no stone uncovered and went out of their way to make sure that Stitch was set up to meet our specific needs."

– David Baker, Head of Sales | The Landmark Project




Dedicated Success Management*

A trusted advisor, faithful advocate and truly valuable resource for reaching your goals.

Whether advising on process improvements, operational best practices, recommended software solutions, best 3PL partners or introductions to leading eCommerce agencies - Stitch Success Managers have you covered.

*Available for High-Growth and Premium Plans

“I’m a big outside-the-box thinker,” Kevin explained, “sometimes that means overcomplicating things. My Customer Success Manager will say, hey, here are three functions that will do that 10-step process you just outlined. That’s the game changer for Stitch Labs. Stitch is worth what it is because of the support you receive.”

– Kevin Gressley, Co-Founder & COO | Venley




Consulting & Advanced Services

Advanced consulting and services those that are serious about supercharging their growth.

Through Stitch’s advanced services, you can get hands-on help with the most complicated and urgent of tasks. Whether it’s migrating data, switching platforms, cleaning product SKUs, or reconciling inventory, we are here to help.

"We adopted Stitch Labs, Shopify, and ShipStation so early on that we essentially implemented systems instead of people. We could’ve had a full-time person in each role. Now, it’s only one-tenth of someone’s job to manage inventory. There’s a huge amount of time and money saved when we look at the technology we have in place.”

– Samantha Donohue, IT Lead | Evy’s Tree





Award-winning customer support—when and how you want it.

We are here for you every step of the way. Whether big or small, we are happy to help in any way we can.

"Stitch Labs has provided top-notch communication, with almost immediate response times and access to a staff with a high-level of experience and knowledge."

– Mark Wang, CTO | Peak Design

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