Reduce Inventory Risk

Powerful retail
reporting & planning

Reduce inventory risk with informed decisions and actionable insights from accurate inventory, sales, and purchase data.

"Using Stitch Labs has allowed us to quickly and easily access reports and analytics all in one spot, rather than across several channels and sources."


– Mark Wang, CTO | Peak Design

Real-Time Retail Data You Can Trust

Accurately Forecast Demand

Effectively and reliably forecast demand across your multichannel operations to reduce carrying costs while avoiding stockouts.

Optimize Inventory Investment

Quickly understand product and channel performance and sales velocity to make data-driven purchasing and allocation decisions.

Drive Cross-Departmental Decisions

Break down informational and organizational silos to quickly gain actionable insights from inventory and sales, and purchasing data.

Plan for Profitability

Manage your cash-flow effectively by keeping channels stocked while carrying less inventory through accurate forecasting of cross-channel sales.

Gain deeper insights into cost, revenue, and profitability through comprehensive and in-depth reporting by product and channel.

Plan for demand accurately using category-based sales and inventory reporting.

Make Faster, Data-Driven Decisions

Unify cross-departmental data from planning and purchasing to finance and fulfillment to align teams around a single, trusted data source.

Make data-driven, smart decisions based on accurate reports on sales velocity, sell-through rate, aged inventory, low-stock, and more to avoid overstocks and stockouts.

Ensure the accuracy of data within your accounting system with reliable, comprehensive general ledger inventory financial reporting.

Our customers improve operational efficiency by an average of 30%

Make Better Business Decisions with
Real-Time Reports