How Flash Tattoos Struck Marketing Gold Without Breaking the Bank

From having over 400,000 Instagram followers to co-designing tattoos with Beyonce, Flash Tattoos has mastered influencer marketing and organic growth in the age of omnichannel marketing. They host pop-up shops at music festivals, maintain a customer points program, gain loyalty through giveaways and contests on social media, and still have time to better the world through cross-promoting with charitable organizations. Discover how Flash Tattoos’ marketing strategy has enabled them to scale from a small side project to an accessories powerhouse.

In this free webinar, VP of Operations, Michelle Garza, will share:

  • How Flash Tattoos grew through word of mouth and social media
  • The impact their loyalty program has had on customer retention
  • How Flash Tattoos chooses partners and influencers to work with to promote their brand
  • The back-end operations they’ve implemented to support marketing campaigns like flash sales and pop-up shops

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