Empowering the Relationship Between Marketing and Operations

To succeed the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, brands must empower communication while enabling clear processes between marketing and operations.

An aspirational Instagram post. An inspired, ready-to-purchase customer. This is what marketers strive for, but what happens when the enthusiastic customer visits the website to find their desired item—that they just saw posted a second ago—is sold out? While it’s a marketer’s job to get people excited about their brand, they’re not helping anyone if customers are getting excited about the right item at the wrong time. It’s critical that marketing and operations align early and often, especially in busy seasons where inventory is constantly changing.

In this webinar, Thomas Marks, VP of Marketing at Stitch Labs, speaks with Hannah Munce, Marketing Manager at Freda Salvador, about how marketing and operations work together to delight and inspire Freda Salvador’s customers by clearly communicating what’s available and efficiently pushing the right items off the shelves

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