Driving Growth Through Unique Customer Experiences

When we talk about the future of retail, industry news is abuzz with the idea of brands creating experiences for their customers.  Consumers want more than an automated email – they want easy tracking and personalization. They want more than a product – they want community.

The experiences we read about in headlines are often grandiose and costly, like virtual fitting rooms and same-day shipping.  So, how can small to mid-sized brands keep up with this trend in a cost-effective, creative way?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss creative and scrappy ways modern brands are keeping up with this trend, and also redefining it to leverage it to grow.

Topics covered are:

  • Creating a unique omni-channel experience across your online and in-person channels
  • Pre, during, and post-purchase customer experience techniques
  • Managing customer expectations for product, shipping, customer service, etc.
  • Examples of how some modern brands are leveraging customer experience to grow

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