Best Practices for Flexible Order Fulfillment

Modern retailers are continuously iterating on their operational processes in an attempt to keep up with ever-increasing customer expectations.this is especially true when it comes to order fulfillment. As they grow and scale to meet this high demand while trying to keep costs low, their fulfillment workflows become more complex.

Recognizing the challenges that changing operational and fulfillment workflows present to growing retailers, Stitch Labs has created processes that allow brands to increase fulfillment flexibility and automation.

In this webinar, on flexible fulfillment, You’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your fulfillment workflows to create business opportunities normally limited to large retailers
  • What to consider when determining whether to prioritize the customer experience or low shipping costs
  • How creative, innovative brands are using unique operations workflows to create unique customer experiences
  • How to leverage Stitch Labs to control and customize your fulfillment


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