Back to Basics: Inventory Management for Fast Growing Brands

As retail brands grow—especially if they’re growing quickly—they often experience a shift from simply controlling their inventory (think physical counts or spreadsheets) to managing it.

Since retailers around the world lose $1.1 TRILLION each year due to inventory management issues, it’s crucial to cut the guesswork and make sure you have the right tools and people in place to effectively manage your inventory.

This webinar, features two former retail operations professionals, Theresa Luke, Customer Success Manager at Stitch Labs and Ashley Purwin, Account Executive at Stitch Labs as they discuss:

  • Why they left their jobs at major retailers to help build inventory management software for high-growth brands
  • What inventory management means on a day-to-day basis for both large and small teams
  • What to think about when evaluating your inventory management strategy
  • Failure and success stories from their experiences in managing inventory at brands of various sizes

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