How to Choose Inventory Management Software for Retail Success


Inventory management is crucial to retail success, yet 43 percent of small businesses either don’t track inventory at all, or they track it manually. Whether you’re upgrading from manual inventory tracking via spreadsheets or an entry-level inventory management solution, understanding the offerings and options on the market will save you time, improve your inventory accuracy, increase visibility and control, and allow efficient and profitable growth for your retail business.

However, determining which inventory management software is right for you can take a lot of time and research, leaving you wondering where to start.

In this ebook, we’ll explore important aspects of choosing the right inventory management software like understanding the different available options, determining your unique pain points, the kinds of features available and how they can help your retail business–all in order to help you be confident in your decision.

Download this eBook for in-depth insights on how to:

  • Understanding inventory management software and the benefits
  • Choosing inventory management software for your retail business
  • Building a tech stack that fits your business
  • Types of inventory management software
  • Unifying your sales channels
  • Features to consider in your inventory management software
  • Finding inventory management software options
  • Making the final decision when choosing an IMS
  • And much more!


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