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Yummy Treasures

How Yummy Treasures gained the flexibility it needs to move into multichannel selling

Yummy Treasures, the #1 Etsy seller in the U.S., boasts an impressive collection of authentic vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry components. Whether it’s beads, cabochons, pendants, or random findings, the Yummy Treasures team provides jewelry admirers with a goldmine of options.

Gummy bear pendants? Done. Gold pineapple charm? It’s yours. With more than 7,000 products and over 145,000 five-star reviews, its Etsy shop is booming with activity and there is no sign of slowing down.


Founders, Greg and Beth Carpenter, launched Yummy Treasures in March of 2008, soon adding two additional employees to help with the workload. Throughout the first couple years, Yummy Treasures was using Bizelo to help manage sales and inventory. But as orders increased, Bizelo didn’t provide the features the team needed to stay organized, save time and scale the business.

Because options for high-volume Etsy sellers were limited at the time, Yummy Treasures stayed with Bizelo for years. But eventually, the team members began searching for more comprehensive solutions. They needed to find a central inventory management and multichannel selling platform that fit their needs today, as well as their plans for the future.


In early 2013, Greg Carpenter discovered Stitch Labs. With its simple inventory management platform, shop operations are much more organized.

“With Stitch, inventory is spot on,” said Greg Carpenter. “It has allowed us to focus on growing our business instead of re-counting beads because they were ‘lost’.”

Stitch’s seamless integration with Etsy and other commerce channels, such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Square, enable high-volume sellers like Yummy Treasures to simplify inventory management and get time back to focus on other parts of the business.

“Inventory should be something that just happens,” said Greg. “Stitch has allowed us to move on from worrying about inventory and instead focus on growing our business.”



Since Yummy Treasures started using Stitch, its average items per order increased by 10%. But the Carpenters aren’t only focused on immediate gratification. As Yummy Treasures grows, the Carpenters plan on adding more sales channels, such as eBay and Amazon. They credit Stitch’s scalability and flexibility as the reason they can so easily reach that goal of multichannel selling.

“Beth and I are certain that without Stitch, even considering multichannel would not be possible,” said Greg.

“Inventory should be something that just happens...Stitch has allowed us to move on from worrying about inventory and instead focus on growing our business.”

Greg Carpenter, Founder | Yummy Treasures


Yummy Treasures


Unique Crafting Supplies


Pittsfield, MA



Company Size

11-50 Employees


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