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Viscata Manages Multichannel Selling with Stitch

After discovering a niche market for handcrafted traditional style espadrille shoes made in Spain, Thomas Morris founded Viscata with a friend in 2011.

“We know espadrilles,” states the Viscata’s website. “We design them, we love them, and we wear them every day.“

Viscata’s online store exudes a passion for authenticity, tradition and most of all – quality craftsmanship. Every pair of Viscata’s authentic Spanish espadrilles is handmade with artisan crafting based on traditional Spanish designs. Adding a few modern twists such as bright color assortments and sustainable packaging, Viscata provides its customers with unique, eco-friendly espadrilles that are made to last.

To maintain the level of quality Morris and his customers expect from Viscata shoes, the team must establish intelligent operational systems to keep things in order.


During Viscata’s infancy, Morris and his team worked out of his parents’ garage, manually fulfilling each order. They were spending several hours a day just packing shoes and printing shipping labels. Like most small businesses, Morris was feeling the pain of limited resources and was struggling to manage any other part of his business, such as product design, accounting, inventory tracking and customer service.

Realizing how tedious packing and shipping became, Morris was forced to find a more suitable solution. He implemented Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), which would handle most of the shipping and customer service aspects of his business. Off-loading this area of operations allowed Morris and his team to focus on scaling. However, as they continued to grow, the next barrier after fulfillment quickly came to light – disparate inventory management.

“It’s a very tedious process to manually manage inventory across multiple sales channels,” said Morris. “I’ve sent too many emails to customers apologizing that we don’t have the product they ordered in stock.”


In order for him to focus on growing the business and avoid further overselling inventory, Morris implemented Stitch Labs to help fix the company’s inventory management issues.

“We waited a while for a tool that seamlessly manages inventory across all channels,” said Morris. “And right now, Stitch is helping us grow our operations in the U.S., Europe and soon an expansion in Australia.”



  • Multichannel selling in one centralized platform
  • Ability to sell across the globe with unified sales tracking
  • Accurate and automated inventory management
  • Invaluable peace of mind with accurate inventory


Since Morris started using Stitch, he has saved 5-8 hours per week and seen a 10% increase in sales. His team is able to focus more on selling and have the peace of mind that Stitch is automatically managing the inventory.

With his extra time saved, Morris plans on expanding to more online channels and launching in more countries.

“We waited a while for a tool that seamlessly manages inventory across all channels...And right now, Stitch is helping us grow our operations in the U.S., Europe and soon an expansion in Australia.”

Thomas Morris, Founder | Viscata






Barcelona, Spain



Company Size

11-50 Employees


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