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Topo Designs

Stitch Labs Allows Topo Designs to Not Think About Inventory


Topo Designs makes bags, apparel, and accessories meant to take you straight from the city to the mountains. The brand strives for contradiction with the goal of not having to choose a single path. With four brick-and-mortar stores, an eCommerce site, and wholesale channels, Topo needed its operational backbone to be stable, yet flexible—reflecting the core company value of living on both sides of the fence.

A few reasons they chose Stitch:

  • The ability to track inventory across channels without making manual updates
  • A way to communicate effectively across all stores and departments
  • To gain back time spent tracking inventory and invest it in building products their customers will love
  • To reduce overselling

"When you're selling things, having product and knowing where it is is key and Stitch has become the brain for that. If we want to know when we’re getting more product in, we look at Stitch. If we want to know how many things we have left to sell, we look at Stitch. It's the first thing we look at."

Mark Hansen, CEO | Topo Designs


Topo Designs


Outdoor Apparel


Denver, CO



Company Size

51-200 Employees


Centralize your inventory and operations.

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