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How Purse & Clutch saves money through detailed inventory reporting

Purse & Clutch is a Fair Trade Handbag Boutique that partners with artisans around the world who create products with an emphasis on craft and quality. Its mission is to help create sustainable, dignified jobs for men and women in developing countries by curating the most beautiful collections of purses and clutches from around the world. These artisans are treated with dignity and respect and are paid a living wage for their region. On average, every $200 purchase employs an artisan full time for a month.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to spend my time focusing on long-term, sustainable solutions for men and women living in poverty in developing countries,” said Jen Lewis, founder of Purse & Clutch. “We’re excited to be creating a viable alternative to sweatshops in the world of handbags.”


In 2013, Jen quit her full-time job to transform Purse & Clutch from a hobby into a full-fledged business. Soon, she found that tracking and measuring which handbags were selling was becoming a growing challenge for the company. Jen and her small team relied heavily on data when ordering new inventory but their tally marks on notebook paper and Excel spreadsheets weren’t cutting it.

“It was getting to be ridiculous with our Excel spreadsheets,” said Jen. “We had no way of running reports of any kind.”

The team’s manual process not only took a lot of time to accomplish simple tasks, but it also caused errors and a lack of visibility in their inventory tracking. For example, when selling at trunk shows, Jen wasn’t able to track her best sellers or which products had already been sold. This meant the company might accidentally sell products online that were no longer in stock. And, by manually copying and pasting buyer addresses the team often made costly shipping mistakes.


Purse & Clutch turned to Stitch’s centralized, intelligent platform to simplify and gain control of its inventory management. The team can now see and update all of its order information in one place and tap reports for insights into the best selling products.

“Stitch has allowed us to make educated decisions on what is selling and when inventory needs to be ordered,” said Jen. “We’ve saved so much money by ordering what is actually selling versus simply what we think is selling.”



  • Comprehensive drill-down reporting for sales analysis
  • Centralized inventory platform to manage multichannel sales
  • Simple wholesale and retail inventory management
  • Unified contact information for error-proof shipping


By using Stitch, Purse & Clutch saves 5-10 hours of work per week. In addition to the time saved, Stitch provides Jen and her team with the peace of mind that inventory is being accurately tracked, eliminating overselling as an issue.

“Stitch integrates so beautifully with our web platform as well as our shipping group,” said Jen. “We can be confident that when something is sold from a trunk show, it won’t be sold online.”

As Purse & Clutch expands its wholesale business and other sales channels, potentially adding a brick-and-mortar store, Jen notes that Stitch will be the foundation of their ability to scale their business.

“Stitch has made it possible for us to operate as a true business...Stitch will allow us to sync our sales with our website and make better predictions on inventory we need to purchase. And as we expand to more wholesale groups, we will be able to see which wholesalers to continue ordering from, based on how well the perform.”

Jen Lewis, Founder | Purse & Clutch


Purse & Clutch


Handbags & Accessories


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