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Nomad Keeps Lean Team With Scalable Technology Stack

Co-founders Brian Hahn and Noah Dentzel started Nomad in 2012 with a belief in minimalist, practical products meant to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle and keep you powered on the go. They create accessories for smartphones and smartwatches, and their products are reflective of the company’s focus on owning fewer things, being resourceful, and working hard together. Hahn and Dentzel started the company as a Kickstarter campaign with a single product. They raised $160,000 in 40 days, giving them the validation they needed to launch a second campaign on Indiegogo, where they raised an additional $160,000. Nomad continues to gain traction in the electronics industry while expanding their product line and growing rapidly in multiple markets.


Due to the increased complexity arising from growing their product line from one variant to 14 – with 20 more launching in 2016 – Brian and the Nomad team found themselves spending more and more time packing products and training others how to properly pick and pack. As they expanded into multiple channels, team members were spending several hours per day logging into each of Nomad’s separate accounts and manually tracking stock counts. They knew there had to be a more efficient way to manage these processes.


Brian knew Nomad needed an inventory management system to reduce time spent individually tracking each of its sales channels. Focused on fluidity and consistency between systems, Brian decided on Stitch because of its ability to integrate with so many of the tools Brian already trusted, and because it added a layer of visibility to Nomad’s operations. With greater insight into their data and operations, Nomad began to better forecast across their various offline channels, which resulted in better planning and therefore the ability to keep low-cost shipping instead of air freight in order to meet demand and protect against overstocking.

“Stitch really is the core of our operations as everything flows in and out of this central hub. Stitch is basically our COO,” Brian said.

With a focus on reliability, the ability to keep up with Nomad’s rapid growth, and an absolute emphasis on interoperability, Brian created a technology infrastructure that saves the Nomad team time and money. He knew if Nomad ever needed a functionality not already included in Nomad’s solutions, he could rely on Stitch’s partner API system, which allows companies to build integrations and extensions.

“I love having Stitch connected to Shopify and DCL because the systems talk to each other. Every time a new integration is added, it frees up a couple of hours per day for the team to work on other things.”

In addition to Stitch’s partnerships with Shopify and DCL, Brian knew it would simplify things even further if Stitch integrated with Nomad’s accounting solution, inDinero. So, he made the introduction and an integration was built. Stitch’s desire to work with best-of-breed technologies stems from the knowledge that customers are happiest when their tools integrate to create a single source of truth for their inventory and operations management.


• The “God View” variant table, which allows them to see all inventory in all warehouses in one view
• Sales orders and purchase orders are placed from the same system
• Live updates to Amazon inventory
• Weekly email reports


With a tried and true technology stack in place, Nomad is able to keep a lean team of seven people even as they scale their operations and expand into wholesale and international markets, big box retailers, and new eCommerce channels, all with an ever growing list of products.

“Without Stitch and the solutions it integrates with, we literally wouldn’t exist. Each piece of software probably does the job of 3-4 people. We manage a small team and leverage the best software we can find. We’re basically doing the job of 50 with a team of seven – we have fewer people empowered to work smarter and help strategically scale the business.”

Brian says 90% of operational duties and tasks are automated and “off the team’s plates” thanks to the technology stack he diligently researched and implemented. As a result of Stitch and Nomad’s other technology partners, they’ve increased their product line from five products to 12, with eight more on the way. With the additional time and money, the team is able to focus on the true lifeblood of the company – Nomad’s products and customers.

“Stitch really is the core of our operations as everything flows in and out of this central hub. Stitch is basically our COO."

Brian Hahn, Co-Founder | Nomad




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Santa Barbara, CA



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