How Brooklinen opened a pop-up store in under 4 weeks


Brooklinen, a luxury bedding company based in Brooklyn, NY is here to make your life a little more luxurious. Founded in 2014, Brooklinen brings quality sheets–by way of an efficient supply chain and excellent customer experience–to your doorstep, for less. Having initially received funding via Kickstarter, Brooklinen is now booming with popularity amongst everyone who enjoys a good night’s rest, and considered by Forbes as one of the top direct-to-consumer brands of modern commerce.

As an innovative brand full of team members who maintain a unique mentality to experiment with new and crazy ideas, Brooklinen has never been a team that plays by the rules.

The challenge

As trailblazers, Brooklinen has never taken the easy route when deciding what’s next in their growth journey. When co-founders/husband-and-wife duo Vicki and Rich Fulop decided to open a pop-up store in under 4 weeks, it was yet another demand the operations team needed to figure out how to achieve.

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Open in 4 weeks

“Retail was the next initiative in our growth strategy,” notes Julia Babina, Director of Operations at Brooklinen. And, with the lofty goal of opening a pop-up shop in under 4 weeks, the Brooklinen operations team had their work cut out for them. Opening a retail location includes finding the ideal location, merchandising the store, and creating a marketing campaign to get people to check it out. But, it also involves creating a manageable replenishment workflow for the entire Brooklinen team.

Because opening a retail location is an initiative that is new to digitally native brands like Brooklinen, putting this into a functional workflow in under 4 weeks sounds impossible. On the operational side, Brooklinen needed to make sure their inventory is synced across their ecommerce platform, warehouse management system, and point-of-sale solution–as to not disrupt other areas of their business.

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Along with an already complex workflow and tight schedule, Brooklinen needed a way to track over 2,000 SKUs on their shelves. But as a growing brand, Brooklinen doesn’t care to do things the same way traditional brands have in the past:

“I think we genuinely want to be different. We want to take the best components that we could take from the leaders in the space and still be aggressive, but yet be very humble in all of our achievements. It’s important to still have this consistent expansion strategy, a growth strategy, yet deliver very differentiated experiences in each segment.” – Julia Babina, Director of Operations at Brooklinen

One of the biggest challenges when opening the pop-up store was understanding how to build a workflow where customers would be able to order something in-store and have it ship to their home, or automatically fulfill from the store, if in stock. Because the pop-up store doesn’t carry all 2,000 SKUs, Brooklinen wanted to make sure each customer’s request was acknowledged.

Partnering with Stitch

The first time Brooklinen was exposed to Stitch, the team was “blown away, since there was this genuine interest in learning all of the nuisances and all of the technicalities about our business,” Babina mentions. When learning about Brooklinen, Stitch aims to act as a partner throughout the entire process.

“Raana, our CSM acts as another Brooklinen ops team member…she has this unique ability to take all of our ambitions and all of the challenges we are experiencing and interpret them into functional workflows.” — Julia Babina, Director of Operations at Brooklinen

With Stitch Labs’ help, Brooklinen was able to connect various disparate sales channels while ensuring that the pop-up store would open on-time, without a hitch. Their innovative mindset had already led them to run their business much differently than traditional retail of the past, and they want to continue this growth strategy well into the future.

“Stitch became our order management knowledge mecca. We have learned, we have reconfigured and now we definitely have a better understanding of how to plan our inventory for footprint for the next retail initiative.” – Julia Babina, Director of Operations at Brooklinen

Using Stitch has allowed the Operations Team to learn, grow, and create the best retail guest experience possible.

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Trailblazing brands like Brooklinen have a difficult time finding a platform that will remain agile yet be robust enough to experiment with big ideas. With Stitch, Brooklinen was able to:

  • Open a pop-up store in under 1 month
  • Translate their online customer experience into a retail store, with complex fulfillment operations while streamlining their multichannel workflows
  • Use their dedicated Customer Success Manager to turn big ideas into functional workflows


At Stitch, we’re proud to serve modern brands like Brooklinen, while supporting their every endeavor, and we’re excited to see what’s next. To get some really good sheet(s) and a good night’s rest, visit

“We are confident that Stitch will be able to connect all of our present desires with our desires for the future. We’re taking over the world!”

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