Bedface On Track to Quadruple Growth With Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Brad Westerop founded Bedface, a Vancouver-based company with mix-and-match bedding, with the goal of making and selling “the best damn sheets on the internet.” Brad’s goal was to make bedsets highly customizable and incredibly comfortable while offering them at a reasonable price point. The Bedface website features a tool in which customers can “make their bed,” allowing them to visualize – and purchase – the sheets of their dreams.

The Challenge

With 24 colors for customers to choose from while mixing and matching sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, the Bedface team realized they had a whopping 28 million possible combinations for sale. In addition to needing an efficient, centralized way to track inventory, the team outgrew their warehouse space within the first month of launching. Bedface needed more space, which would inevitably mean separating inventory; thus, Brad needed a tool to accurately track inventory across multiple physical locations in addition to various sales channels.

The Solution

Having already tackled inventory management solutions with his other company, Thuggies™, Brad knew immediately he would need Stitch Labs to help Bedface scale. He says, “we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Stitch. We sell a hyper-customized product, so without Stitch, we wouldn’t be working. It would probably take 15 hours of work per day just to make sure our inventory was accurate.”

Scaling their business also meant outgrowing their physical space. The Bedface team quickly added another warehouse to store their overflow inventory, and trusted Stitch to provide them with the ability to track and manage it as quickly and accurately as they did with just one warehouse.

“Without Stitch and the ability to add additional warehouses, we would have serious inventory control issues. Without a proper inventory system with tracking and forecasting, we would have no business.”

A few Stitch features that Bedface uses most:

• Bedface keeps the Stitch dashboard on at all times in their office as they use it to monitor everything throughout the day
• Multi warehousing/transfers
• Order creation for promo items/inventory reconciliation
• Barcoding

The Results

As Bedface continues to experience rapid growth, Stitch helps ensure smooth transitions for the entire team.

“Stitch is totally the central hub of our business. Every day, we look at our sales data and inventory. Our customer success team makes sure orders are correct, and I’m constantly watching the app to make sure our purchase orders are settled properly and everything is fulfilled on time.”

With more space and an inventory management solution they trust, the Bedface team has seen revenue increase by 100% month over month, and are expecting that number to more than quadruple by the end of the year.

“We built the company around Stitch’s ability to control inventory in different warehouses and across various channels. We’ll continue to grow into more facilities and channels and we know Stitch will grow with us.”

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