How 1canoe2 grew their operations and sales with Stitch

In 2009, Beth Snyder started her company, 1Canoe2, with just a few letterpress prints selling on Etsy’s online marketplace. Fast-forward five years and the team has grown to three partners, 10 employees, and more than 300 products. 1Canoe2 sells through the eCommerce platform, Shopify, manages shipping through ShipStation and accounting through Quickbooks.

Simply put, it’s a place where you can connect with people who share an appreciation for mindfully crafted goods. And one Etsy business owner in particular is Beth Snyder of 1canoe2, a letterpress company that is one of the most popular shops on Etsy today.

Beth and her team create beautiful cards, stationary, calendars, artwork and more. And if you’re thinking this is just another supplemental hobby, think again. 1canoe2 is the essence of delivering high-quality, repeatable products to a targeted audience who just cannot get enough. They also have their own branded website, serving as a second ecommerce channel to sell their products.


In its infancy, the 1Canoe2 team was manually entering inventory and order information from Etsy into Quickbooks, which was not only wasting time, but was causing major errors. The team was struggling with correct file management, stock quantities, and miscommunication between teammates.

The time it took to correct all of these issues was taking away from product design and other activities that would enable Snyder to grow the business.


While the team was still fairly small, Beth discovered Stitch Labs. At first, her team was using it to only keep track of how many items were sold. Now, they use it for granular inventory data, order management and billing. The company has also seen a drastic improvement in internal communication from centralizing data and integrating with all of their systems.

“The communication improvement is huge,” said Snyder. “Several people can log in and check the status of an order or inventory, and it doesn’t get bogged down with waiting on one person, which is usually me.”

Snyder also enjoys having the freedom to delegate and track tasks among her team including stock quantity assessments, reordering low stock items and fulfillment execution.

“It’s just so helpful that we can all see the same thing without having to ask another person all the time,” said Snyder.



  • Streamlined inventory and order data for optimal team communication
  • Automated, real-time order and inventory syncing
  • Centralized inventory and order management for multiple channels
  • Simple wholesale and retail management
  • Accounting and invoice add-ons


Beth reports that her team saves at least 40 hours a week with Stitch and estimates sales have grown 1000%.

The Stitch platform has become so ingrained in 1Canoe2’s daily operations that Snyder now feels ready to take on more orders through additional sale channels such as a potential POS (point-of-sale) application. In addition, with the ability to centralize inventory data, 1Canoe2 is now able to sell to retailers via wholesale orders.

“Stitch gives us peace of mind that everything is tracked and logged,” said Snyder. “When my inventory manager says, ‘I can only find 100 birthday cards,’ I just say ‘What does Stitch say? Check again.’”

“The communication improvement is huge...Several people can log in and check the status of an order or inventory, and it doesn’t get bogged down with waiting on one person, which is usually me.”

Beth Snyder, Founder | 1canoe2




Handmade, Vintage & Creative Goods


Columbia, MO



Company Size

11-50 Employees


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