Automate Purchase orders

Purchasing & Replenishment

Reduce risk and make smarter and faster purchasing decisions with consolidated data, dynamic reorder calculations, and automated purchase order creation.

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Gain Dynamic Inventory Insights

See days of stock on hand and receive dynamic reorder suggestions with real-time calculations of sales velocity, supplier lead time, and safety stock.

Improve Purchasing Accuracy

Create purchase orders drafts automatically to save time and reduce errors, streamline inventory management, and improve reporting.

Save Money While Boosting Sales

Make faster, smarter purchasing decisions to prevent missed sales, avoid stockouts, and free up cash to reinvest in your business.

Chubbies uses Stitch Labs to manage inventory sold online, wholesale and in person.

"Instead of looking at multiple systems and various spreadsheets,when you have them all centralized in Stitch, you can run a report at the click of a button and it’s super easy to get the data you need to make smart business decisions.”

Chubbies James Hargett – James Hargett, Chubstomer Service, Chubbies

Run Leaner Inventory Operations

Avoid costly stockouts and overstocks across all your sales channels with intuitive inventory control and alerts.

Increase efficiency and decrease dead inventory with just-in-time inventory control and replenishment.

Save Time with Smart Replenishment

Dynamically calculate reorder dates based on inventory levels, and sales velocity, and supplier lead time.

Get low-stock email alerts and pre-filled purchase orders drafts with suggested order quantities and supplier information.

Auto-save purchase order drafts for easy sharing with other team members for fast review, approval, and submission.

Optimize Purchasing

Visualize inventory trends to make smarter purchasing decisions with actionable inventory analytics in Stitch.

Identify sales trends to better understand which products and channels are driving the most profit for your business.

Manage demand planning effectively with year-over-year reporting and build sheet generation.

Make smarter, lower-risk purchasing decisions with Stitch.