Purchase Orders

Reduce risk and make smarter and faster purchasing decisions with consolidated data, dynamic reorder calculations, and automated purchase order creation.

Make Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Gain Dynamic Inventory Insights

Easily see days of stock on hand and receive dynamic reorder suggestions with real-time calculations of sales velocity, supplier lead time, and safety stock in a single view

Improve Purchasing Accuracy

Automatically create purchase orders to save time, reduce errors, streamline inventory management, and improve reporting.

Save Money While Boosting Sales

Make faster, more intelligent purchasing decisions to prevent missed sales opportunities, avoid stockouts, and free up cash to reinvest in your business.

Comfortable Club uses Stitch Labs to manage inventory sold online.

“Time-wise, it’s saving me from making mistakes on Excel by running huge sheets with thousands of orders. But it’s not only time saving, it helps establish a professional business plan in that it doesn’t react, it actually plans for the future. Stitch Labs is beautiful.”

– Mike Madrid, Founder | Comfortable Club

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Run Leaner Inventory Operations

Stitch dynamically calculates days of stock on hand, determining reorder dates based on sales velocity, available stock, and supplier lead time. You see all this information in a single screen and can quickly take action by setting low stock alerts and automatically creating POs.

Expedite the Purchasing Process

With Stitch’s intelligent purchasing feature, you’ll get a notification when an item is nearing its dynamically calculated reorder date. In just a few clicks you can auto-generate a purchase order draft, pre-populated with default order quantities and supplier information.

These PO drafts auto-save and can be easily shared with other team members for fast review, approval, and submission.

Avoid Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks

When intuitive and automated multichannel inventory tracking, alerts, and purchase order creation are combined in a single platform, your business can easily reduce costly stockouts and overstocks across all your sales channels.

Make smarter, lower-risk purchasing decisions with Stitch.