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The Stitch Labs API

Giving your business the flexibility and creativity to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Top Benefits: Third-Party Logistics Integrations

Stitch integrates with top third-party logistics providers: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), Shipwire, DCL Logistics, AMS fulfillment and more. Orders are all routed through Stitch so that you can continue to have all your inventory in sync, visibility into your operations and robust reports.


Barcode Functionality: Add efficiency to your operations

Gain order in your warehouse by printing barcode labels for your inventory. Stitch simplifies workflows like receiving, stocktakes and pick lists to make it easy to save time and reduce errors by using barcode scanners.


Publish Listings: Easily create new listings

Expand your selling opportunities by easily creating and publishing new listings on Amazon, eBay, Shopify & Square. Using the product information you have in Stitch you can automatically populate new listings to sell in more places.


Price Management: Strategically price across channels

Easily run and measure pricing changes or promotions using Master of Price. Stitch will automatically update prices on your selected sales channels. Coupled with sales & profitability reports, you can now confidently optimize prices by channel.


Drop Shipping: Simplify your drop ship process

Streamline your drop ship order management through dedicated views. We’ll automatically generate a purchase order for your drop shipper with the order & customer details - you just hit send!


Amazon International: Go global with your business

Find new customers on Amazon’s international marketplaces. Stitch will automatically sync inventory status to and manage orders from,,,,,


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