Stitch won Best In Show at SXSW!

Stitch won Best In Show at SXSW!

Out of hundreds of startups that applied, we had the incredible honor of being one of the 33 selected to be showcased at Tech Cocktail’s annual SXSW celebration this year.

You may recall in my original post that our friends and fans had the opportunity to vote for us for the People’s choice award. (Thank you to all who voted!) At the event itself, we had the opportunity to win one of three awards: Most Innovative Technology, Best Design or Best In Show. Each of the 26 esteemed judges came around to each of our tables, and I had 90-seconds to share what Stitch is all about. You can bet I got good at that after so many! It was really fun, and I learned so much from talking to all the judges and all of the folks who visited our table throughout the evening.

I thought for sure we were going to win Best Design, because – thanks to our incredibly talented designer, Michelle – Stitch is so beautifully and intuitively designed. We didn’t get that one though, but that’s ok, because instead we had the honor (and surprise!) of receiving the award for Best in Show! YES!!

Here’s a fun video where you can see highlights from the night, watch me smiling ear-to-ear and learn more about Tech Cocktail and some of the other fabulous startups who were involved:

Huge thanks to Tech Cocktail, all of the amazing judges who voted for us, and for all of the generous companies behind our prizes! Our whole team is so blown away, and this event made our SxSW 1000 times more amazing!

We’ll be posting more photos and links soon, but since I have 24 hours left here, I’m going to head out for some BBQ & bands. If you’re reading this and you’re still in Austin, keep your eyes peeled for the girl with a huge smile on our face and a spring in her step!

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