order management

Scalable order platform for flexibility, growth, and efficiency.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Drive Growth with Streamlined Orders and Faster Fulfillment

Automate Order Management

Connect all your sales channels into a single platform to automate order and fulfillment routing and tracking for increased efficiency and visibility.

Optimize Omnichannel Fulfillment

Deliver fast and flexible fulfillment across sales channels, warehouse locations, and 3PLs to meet customer demands and reduce shipping costs.

Maximize Growth Across Channels

Uncover sales trends, analyze channel growth, and track profitability with unified order data and comprehensive reporting.

Young & Reckless uses Stitch Labs to manage inventory sold online and wholesale.

“By expanding into new channels and opportunities with Stitch, our sales numbers have increased while errors have decreased, providing us with a scalable way to react and grow rapidly.”

Young & Reckless Anjulei Aurelio – Anjulei Aurelio, Business Operations Manager

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Advanced Order Logistics

Build excitement for new products with flexible pre-order and backorder workflows.

Create custom order-routing workflows based on availability, geography and shipping costs.

Use automated order splitting workflows to support partial shipments and overflow routing.

Multi-Warehouse Order Fulfillment

Access inventory across channels to strategically fulfill from warehouses, 3PLs, or retail stores.

Route orders to fulfillment locations based on warehouse priority and routing logic.

Integrate with best-in-class shipping solutions, warehouse management systems, and 3PL providers.

Drive growth and streamline multichannel operations with Stitch.