Multichannel order management system

Manage all your orders from a single platform built to help brands move fast and shake up their industries.

More time to focus on customers

Stitch saves you time by unifying your operations into one central hub in real-time for all of your orders — online, offline, D2C, B2B, and more.

Integrated with Shopify Plus, wholesale order management systems, and other best-in-class cloud software, Stitch’s advanced order management makes multichannel inventory management easy and cuts down on manual order processing, freeing your team to focus on customers and growth.

Stitch Benefits

Drive Growth

Give your team the time, focus, and tools they need to push business forward and drive financial results.

Save time

Automate time-consuming OMS processes such as order splitting, backorder management, order import, and shipping updates.

Stay focused

Manage permissions and user rights to keep your team focused and effective.

Streamline workflows

Reduce the constant screen-hopping that slows down customer service and communication while supporting ecommerce order management and omni channel order management through unique fulfillment workflows.

Perform at scale

Rest easy knowing that Stitch inventory management software meets the performance needs of high-growth multi-channel brands.

Avoid overselling

Drastically reduce the risk of overselling through robust inventory management.

Handle high-volume sales

Stitch can process sales volume of over 25,000 orders a day and maintains over 99.9% site uptime.

Manage a growing catalog

Support for up to 100,000 SKUs, which you can categorize for sales analysis and archive when no longer active.

Reduce Inventory Risk

Delight customers

With order and inventory information all in one place, your team has the tools they need for managing client relationships.

Streamline customer service

Equip customer teams with the information they need to find what they’re looking for and quickly serve customers.

Meet your commitments

Plan wholesale/B2B orders with easy access to stock information. Set aside reserve stock to avoid oversells.

Drive repeat business

View account history, inventory analytics, repeat purchase rates, and lifetime customer value to better target and engage your customer.

Delight customers

Key Features

Sales order master view

View all sales orders from a unified dashboard; filter by order status, date, channel, or stock location; download order information in bulk.

Two-way sync

Automatically import sales orders and automatically push shipments and other status updates back to the channel.

Order splitting

Split orders into multiple shipments automatically based on routing rules. Push shipment updates back to the channel when items ship.

Pre-order/backorder management

Automatically withhold when stock isn’t available and release them when items are in stock.

Ship window alerts

Set ship dates and cancel dates for wholesale orders. Choose when want an alert, then filter to orders within that planning window.

Returns management

Automatically import refunds and returns from Shopify and Magento. Allows for refunds with or without restocking. Less double entry!


Send digital e-invoices right from Stitch. When the customer pays via PayPal or credit card, Stitch automatically records the payment.

Order routing

Automatically route sales orders based on geolocation, warehouse priority, and stock availability.

POS order routing

Route unfulfilled Shopify POS orders to ship from a warehouse. Allow store staff to sell stock held elsewhere and ship to customers.

Customizable branding

Customize invoices and packing slips with your logo, a standard message, footer, choice of font, and choice of line item information.

“By expanding into new channels and opportunities with Stitch, our sales numbers have increased while errors have decreased, providing us with a scalable way to react and grow rapidly.”

Anjulei Aurelio, Business Operations Manager | Young & Reckless

"With Stitch, the order management and inventory management is all right there. There’s so many little features to Stitch to make it what it is."

Colby Bauer, CEO | Thread Wallets

“We’re saving tens of thousands of dollars by not having to hire an additional team member.”

Chris Eidem, Global Sales Manager | Dogtown X Suicidal

“We can quickly and easily look at product availability. The seamless purchase order (PO) process and the ease of being able to transfer product between warehouses are wonderful features.”


Drive growth and streamline multi-channel order management today.