Reduce Inventory Risk

Retail reporting and analytics

Run faster, smarter operations with help from dozens of easy-to-use online reports.

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Make data-driven, informed business decisions

Stitch provides teams with the data they need to make better, data-driven business decisions.

Whether it’s accurate inventory accounting for accounting teams, real-time retail sales reports for operations teams, inventory analytics, or historical analysis for purchasing teams, Stitch inventory management software has reliable reporting and analytics for every facet of your business.

Stitch Benefits

Connect your team

Give your team a centralized data source that helps them optimize, bridge knowledge gaps, and make fast, sound decisions.

Drive cross-departmental decisions

Break down organizational silos to quickly gain detailed retail reporting from inventory, sales, and purchasing data.

Reduce silos and bottlenecks

Boost productivity, close the books faster, and equip team members with the insights they need to push business forward, whether it's through financial reporting for a retail store, or otherwise.

Show the data

View and communicate insights at a glance with the help of in-app charts and a graphical dashboard.

Sell more, faster

Drive data-backed strategy

Stitch gives you insight into how the business is performing and where to focus next.

Gain deeper insights

Get easy access to precise, actionable data on cost, revenue, and profitability through comprehensive multichannel inventory management reporting, retail reporting, and product reporting.

Audit prior periods

Review historical data to see when stock changed — and why. Analyze past performance to identify trends and future opportunities, such as understanding an aged inventory report.

Analyze with ease

Drill down from one level of data to the next; filter retail reports to a specific store or stock location; group data by a number of different measures.

Drive Data-Backed Strategy

Reduce inventory risk

Know which products are pushing business forward and which are holding business back.

Know the value of your inventory

Segment balance sheet info by location, product category, and product. View a real-time snapshots of retail reporting or analyze over a specific time period.

Improve cash flow

Manage your cash flow effectively by keeping channels stocked while carrying less inventory.

Plan for demand

Inform your planning process using category-based sales and inventory reporting.

Reduce inventory risk

Key Features

Sales Analysis Aqua Purple

Sales analysis

Know your best (and worst) performing products, variants, product categories, customers, and channels.

Stock Audits Purple Aqua

Stock audits

Get real-time snapshots, historical logs, reorder points, awaiting inventory, and more - viewed in aggregate or per location.

Inventory Performance Aqua Purple

Inventory performance

See how items are moving via sales velocity, sell through, aged inventory report, and other inventory analytics.

Supplier Performance Aqua Purple

Supplier performance

Measure the performance of each supplier: Compare expected and actual ship dates, arrival dates, and units received.

Bundles Purple Aqua

Bundles and components

See how items sold individually and compare side by side with units sold as part of a bundle.

Dynamic Reorder Points Aqua Purple

Dynamic reorder points

View dynamic reorder points and suggested reorder quantities based on sales velocity and self-defined planning timelines.

Customer Analytics Aqua Purple

Customer analytics

Identify your top customers by revenue, units sold, lifetime value, and reorder rate - plus most purchased items by customer.

Shipped Sales Aqua Purple

Shipped sales

View detailed cost information for items that have shipped from sales orders, with filtering and grouping options for easy analysis.

Inventory Transactions Aqua Purple

Inventory transactions

View detailed cost information for items that have shipped from sales orders, with filtering and grouping options for easy analysis.

Balance Sheet Aqua Purple

Balance sheet

Account for inventory movement across your organization, segment by location, product category, and product.

"Stitch has allowed us to quickly and easily access reports and analytics all in one spot, rather than across several channels and sources."

Mark Wang, CTO | Peak Design

“Stitch’s reporting made it easier than ever before. Usually, I’m pulling data from five systems and plugging it all into Excel and it takes me hours. This time, it took me 15 minutes.”

Lauren Kutting, CEO & Founder | Life in Play

“Stitch is the single source of information. I always refer our team back to Stitch and it provides everyone visibility.”

Matt Bond, Director of Supply Chain Management | HEROCLIP

“I'm able to quickly see at a glance how products are performing. I no longer have to download multiple reports and aggregate them all. I have such better insight into how the business is performing at any given moment in time.”

Theresa Luke, Operations Manager | Freda Salvador

Make better business decisions with Stitch retail reports.