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Drive growth with multichannel sales

Sell more, find new customers, and expand your reach—without overextending yourself.

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The future is multichannel

Stitch multichannel selling software helps brands boost the sales potential of their inventory, easily test new lines of business, and avoid the pitfalls of managing sales across multiple platforms and locations.

Stitch Benefits

Sell more, faster

Move inventory faster and avoid unnecessary allocation bets; sell aggressively without putting inventory commitments at risk.

Increase opportunity

Move inventory faster and avoid unnecessary allocation bets; sell aggressively without putting inventory commitments at risk.

Control each channel

Sell the same inventory across multiple channels; as items sell, Stitch updates each channel so that stock is accurate.

Know what's on the way

Choose which inventory pools push up to each channel. Easily set stock aside when needed.

Sell more, faster

Drive sustainable growth

Grow the business without undue reliance on individual channels; reduce the friction associated with new channels and new platforms.

Add channels with ease

Easily add new channels via over a dozen integrations. We support and maintain them ourselves so you don’t have to.

Leverage our expertise

Whether you’re expanding into wholesale, physical retail, or marketplaces, tap into our expertise in helping other brands do the same.

Compare channel performance

See how each channel’s performs in the context of the overall business, measured over time.

Drive sustainable growth

Avoid out of stocks

Avoid costly overselling and stockouts with automated stock sync, low-stock alerts, and stock visibility across locations.

Auto-sync inventory

When sales affect shared inventory, Stitch automatically updates inventory on other channels—reducing the risk of overselling.

Stay ahead of stockouts

Use low-stock alerts to proactively monitor stock levels and resupply locations before they run out.

Sell across locations

When items are out of stock in one location, easily check availability at others to assist your customer and make the sale.

Reduce Inventory Risk

Key Features

Bluepinkpurple Master Of Stock

Master of Stock

Automatically update stock across multiple channels; free your team from manual stock updates.

Bluepinkpurple Channel Conncet

Channel Connect

Connect custom carts and unsupported marketplaces via a simple SFTP service.

Bluepinkpurple Order Update

Order update

Automatically update integrated sales channels as soon as orders get shipped.

Bluepinkpurple Wholesale Edi

Wholesale EDI

Integrate Stitch and SPS to sync EDI documents (850, 855, and 810) with retailers and other trading partners.

Bluepinkpurple Listing Publisher

Listing publisher

List Stitch products to Shopify, Square, and Amazon in just a few clicks.

Bluepinkpurple Crosschannel Sales Report

Cross-channel sales report

Compare channel performance (revenue, order, and units sold) by channel, over time.

Bluepinkpurple Master Of Price

Master of Price

Push price changes from Stitch to Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Square, and WooCommerce.

“Having investors, we have to be able to show growth. I’m not worried, though. I’m confident we have the right set up with Stitch as the central hub.”

Grand Mahan, Head Of Sales Operations | Sunski

“Stitch Labs has given us the ability to operate several high traffic websites more effectively and efficiently by reducing inventory issues related to selling quick turn CPG products.”

Billy Wilson, CEO | eCig Distributors

“By expanding into new channels and opportunities with Stitch, our sales numbers have increased while errors have decreased, providing us with a scalable way to react and grow rapidly.”

Anjulei Aurelio, Business Operations Manager | Young & Reckless

"With Lightspeed, Stitch, and WooCommerce integrated, I'm able to quickly see at a glance how products are performing. I no longer have to download multiple reports and aggregate them all.”

Theresa Luke, Operations Manager | Freda Salvador

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with Stitch.