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Flexible fulfillment
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Streamline logistics and fulfillment operations without locking yourself into rigid processes or limiting future growth.

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Deliver exceptional experiences without manual work

Stitch inventory management software streamlines fulfillment for teams by automating time-consuming tasks like order splitting, warehouse routing, and shipment updates to help your team save time and delivery exceptional customer experiences.

Leverage Stitch’s best-in-class shipping and fulfillment integrations to add a layer of control between your sales channels and shipping solutions.

Stitch Benefits

Get time back

Automate the things that computers do best so your team can do what they do best: serve customers and move product.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Stop spending hours on tedious manual tasks like splitting, routing, and releasing orders.

Speed up cycle times

Speed up fulfillment cycle times by only releasing ready-to-ship orders to your shipping team.

Reduce platform hopping

Give your front-line teams one unified platform to oversee fulfillment; spend less time hopping between platforms.

Automatically split orders and route fulfillments

Delight customers

Exceed customer expectations and help your team stay on top of the fulfillment process—even when outsourcing to 3PLs.

Control when and how orders ship

Reduce mis-ships, improve delivery times, and control costs by setting order routing rules and shipment criteria.

See the full picture

Manage all your orders from the Stitch order management system, giving your team the info they need to get the job done and keep customers happy.

Hold 3PLs accountable

Know when your 3PL has acknowledged an order as well as when they post shipment. Get the tools you need to hold them accountable to their SLAs.

Order fulfillment settings

Stay nimble

Meet the ever-increasing demands of high-growth operations without losing the agility that got you where you are.

Merchandise creatively

Boost average order value through creative merchandising techniques—without the additional development or configuration work at your 3PL.

Ease expansion

Leverage our pre-built integrations and 3PL partner network to expand shipping coverage without the usual overhead.

Pull demand forward

Pre-sell without worrying about clogging your WMS or shipping software. Stitch order management will hold orders until stock is available.

Integrations with 3PLs, Shipping Services, & WMSs

Key Features

Order Splitting Darkblue Lightpurple

Automatic order splitting

Automatically split orders into fulfillable and unfulfillable portions. Automatically release backordered items once stock is available.

Order Routing Darkblue Lightpurple

Geo routing

Route orders to fulfillment centers based on geolocation, warehouse priority, and stock availability.

Hold Period Darkblue Lightpurple

Hold periods

Set up order hold periods to fight fraud, accept customer changes, and allow for edits prior to shipment.

Shipping Criteria Darkblue Lightpurple

Shipping criteria

Control when orders ship based on order status and age. Customize rules for each integrated sales channel.

Fulfillment Auditing Darkblue Lightpurple

Fulfillment auditing

See what’s backordered, on hold, acknowledged by the warehouse, and shipped. View via in-app filters or as a standalone report.

Bundling Darkblue Lightpurple

Product bundling

Virtually group items together, creatively merchandise without tying up stock in pre-packed kits or programming/configuring at a 3PL.

Shipping Updates Darkblue Lightpurple

Detailed shipping updates

Push detailed shipping updates (including line items, quantities, and tracking number) back to your sales channel whenever items ship.

3pl Darkblue Lightpurple

3PL partner network

Add new 3PLs without heavy resource investment. Leverage our industry expertise to find the right 3PL partner for your business.

Shipping Integrations Darkblue Lightpurple

Shipping integrations

Integrate with best-in-class shipping solutions, warehouse management systems, and 3PL providers.

Backorder Logig Darkblue Light Purple

Backorder logic

Only release orders to shipping when stock is available to ship; maintain a clean list of shippable orders at your shipping solutions.

”Stitch has saved us an entire job in our fulfillment team and cut manual time-consuming tasks that used to bog down our team."

David Baker, Head of Sales | The Landmark Project

"From a fulfillment standpoint, our workflow is 10 times better. Everything is automated."

Theresa Luke, Operations Manager | Freda Salvador

"Now [with Stitch] when a customer places an order, all in stock items ship out right away and back ordered items are held to be shipped once more stock arrives. This allows for customers to receive “in stock” items up to 2 weeks faster, and requires no manual work on our part.”

Jen Howell, Director of Logistics and Customer Success | Peak Design

"Stitch met our key multi-warehousing needs for our plans to expand globally, but we also now have the tools to do so much more that we didn’t think was possible."

Dan Wang, Senior Director of Operations | Thinx

Deliver fast and flexible fulfillment across your entire operation.