Seamlessly manage your operations. All in one place.

Operations is the backbone of commerce, and you need the right operations management tools to support your growing business. Save time and do more with the leading operations management system for high-growth brands.

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Operations Management Software that just works.

As a growing brand, reliable operations management in business is critical to success. Stitch Operations Management System centralizes your multi-channel ecommerce operation into one, accessible platform that your entire team can rely on.

Everything from purchasing, inventory management, order management, fulfillment, and reporting, Stitch operations software streamlines retail operations management so that you can focus your time on bigger, better things.

Stitch Benefits

Data and automation you can trust

Stitch’s one focus is to help growing brands manage their inventory-related operations. Stitch streamlines and automates your complex operation management process so that you don’t have to.

Reduce errors

Disparate data and manual management leaves room for costly errors. Stitch centralizes your fast-moving inventory in real-time to avoid issues like overselling from incorrect stock levels.

Save time

Time is your biggest resource, especially in a fast-moving industry. Stitch saves you and your team time by automating time-consuming tasks.

Focus on bigger, better things

You were hired to drive the business forward. Let Stitch do the heavy-lifting so you can focus your attention on bigger, better things.

Delight customers

Know your inventory

Get a unified, real-time view of stock levels and inventory performance across channels and locations from one, central location.

Track and manage incoming stock

Give your team insight into how much is on the way as well as when it’s expected to arrive.

Sell effectively

Turn inventory faster, maintain higher margins, and reduce manual inventory related tasks so you can sell better and faster.

Replenish smarter

When you know how much inventory you have in aggregate and at each of your locations, your team can purchase and restock more effectively.

Reduce Inventory Risk

Grow fast and flexibly

Grow the business without undue reliance on individual channels, strategies, or locations. Stitch evolves with you as you experiment with new ideas.

Add channels with ease

Easily add new channels via over a dozen integrations. We support and maintain them ourselves so you don’t have to.

Expand with ease

Whether you’re looking to expand internationally, integrate a new 3PL, or set-up a new location, expand your operations with ease with Stitch.

Creative merchandising

Bundling? Pre-orders? Loyalty programs? No problem. Stitch lets your team test new merchandising techniques without large overhead.

Sell more, faster

Actionable Insights

Your business operations software should do more than just tracking. Stitch operations management system gives your entire team actionable insights into how the business is performing and where to focus next.

Smart merchandising

Know which products are pushing business forward and which are holding business back to inform merchandising strategies.

Forecast and plan for demand

Inform your planning process using category-based sales and inventory reporting.

Understand the true cost of your inventory

Capture the true cost of your inventory using AUC or FIFO cost assumptions so you can understand profit and margins better.

Drive Data-Backed Strategy

Key Features

Multi-location inventory

View and manage inventory levels across all your warehouses, stores, and 3PLs via a master list.

Two-way sync

Automatically import sales orders and automatically push shipments and other status updates back to the channel.

Transfer orders

Easily transfer inventory from one location to another, tracking units in transit and inbound by location


Virtually group items together that are sold as one unit—without making an unnecessary inventory bet.

Order splitting

Split orders into multiple shipments automatically based on routing rules. Push shipment updates back to the channel when items ship.

Order routing

Automatically route sales orders based on geolocation, warehouse priority, and stock availability.

Pre-order/backorder management

Automatically withhold when stock isn’t available and release them when items are in stock.

Low-stock alerts

Set reorder points based on units and/or days, and receive automated replenishment alerts via email.

Multi-location purchase order management

Plan and draft purchase orders, email to vendors, track receipts, and optionally push bills to QuickBooks.

3PL integrations

Automatically sync ship notices to integrated 3PLs; pull receipts back into Stitch inventory

"Using Stitch Labs has allowed us to quickly and easily access reports and analytics all in one spot, rather than across several channels and sources."

Mark Wang, Chief Technology Officer | Peak Design

"Having investors, we have to be able to show growth. I’m not worried, though. I’m confident we have the right set up with Stitch as the central hub.”

Grant Mahan, Logistics Manager | Sunski

“We’re trying to be lean and do things smart as opposed to with brute force. That was the biggest reason we got Stitch.”

Dan Wang, Director of Operations | Thinx

“We are confident that Stitch will be able to connect all of our present desires with our desires for the future. We’re taking over the world!”

Julia Babina, VP of Operations | Brooklinen

From now on, everything will be better. Seamlessly manage your operations with Stitch.