Thinking about an ERP for your growing brand?

You’re going to want to reconsider.

"I don't know who uses an ERP. There's probably a reason why these companies aren't growing. They're spending all of their time trying to figure it out!"

Nisreen Hasib | COO - Unbound Babes

ERP by the numbers
79% of ERP implementation projects missed their promised deadlines
56% of ERP implementations came in over budget by 25%
TCO is way, way higher than the software sticker price.

ERP by the numbers

What’s an ERP, anyway?

Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none

An ERP is an enterprise, monolith system that prioritizes financial reporting over operator usability.

Designed to serve a broad spectrum of businesses in size, industries, and verticals, ERPs lack focused solutions that meet the day to day needs of operations teams, hindering their ability to execute, evolve, and grow.

"The non-accounting modules are just so poorly designed that when you’re done with it, all you really have is an accounting tool."

- Tina Gregory | Chief Financial Officer - Early Growth Financial

The ERP Traps

Quicksand for your growing brand. Watch out for these:

The ERP price-tag is a lot higher than you think.

In addition to the system sticker-price, ERPs come with a long list of hidden costs that eat into precious human and capital resources.

  • Delays and overruns
  • Promised cost-savings that never happen
  • Customizations and future changes
  • On-going support and maintenance

“From the start, NetSuite was an intimidating process. We couldn’t nail down the costs, the implementation timeline, and the fact that they don’t have a strong commerce module, nor basic customizations readily available.”
- Mark Wang | Chief Technology Office - Peak Design

Enterprise solution? Enterprise speed.

ERPs are known for their agile solution and fast development, said no one ever. Much like its name suggests, these enterprise solutions move at enterprise speed. They talk about their roadmap in years. Who’s got time for that?

Fast growing brands should be powered by equally fast growing and agile solutions equipped to scale with you.

Check out how Brooklinen opened up a pop-up store in 4 weeks

Think back to a year ago, or even 6 months ago.How has your business evolved?

Similar to speed, ERP’s aren’t exactly known for their flexible system. That doesn’t mean you can’t customize your ERP to fit your business. In fact, ERPs are highly customizable if you’re willing to pay for it in both money and time.

The problem is, due to the lengthy implementation timeline and all-too-common delays, by the time you’re finally up and running, you may find yourself back at square one with additional changes due to new initiatives and evolving goals.

Check out how THINX implemented a new 3PL in under 5 weeks anyone there?

You’re a fast-moving, lean team. You don’t have time to wait around for days and weeks to get operational critical issues resolved, and you need knowledgeable and reliable vendors to help you execute quickly on big ideas.

ERPs generally offer limited support and services. And if they do, you bet it’s going to cost you. The bottomline is, when you implement an ERP, you’re implementing a one-time technology system. Nothing more.

“Netsuite was a software that was impossible to figure out. We didn't work with any member of their team - it was all a 3rd party company that implemented it. And when it was “implemented”, we didn't know how to use it. The trainers were worthless. It brought us no value whatsoever. So we left them.”
- Nisreen Hasib | Chief Operating Officer - Unbound Babes

The 90’s called. They want their UI back.

Good user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) isn’t a nice-to-have feature anymore. Research shows that investing in good UX has a wide impact on productivity, cost, employee satisfaction, and more.

The ROI of a good UX ranges from $2 to $100 for every $1 invested, whereas the flipside can cost you hundreds and thousands in lost productivity and disengaged users.

So you tell us; what would you rather use?

Modern, growing brands choose Stitch

Stitch gives you insights that help you manage your brand.

ERPs are great at generating financial reports. But we know that the real magic of commerce happens in real-time in the real world.

We specialize in helping fast growing brands streamline operational complexities to help you to get your products into the hands of your customers, any way you want.


Core Alignment

Stitch aligns the three core teams in an organization: operations, merchandising and accounting –across all key pillars of the business:


Purchasing & Allocation

Make purchases quickly and confidently with consolidated data, accurate cost capture, and streamlined workflows.

Inventory Management

Gain inventory visibility and control across all of your channels.

Order Management

Optimize order logistics to deliver products seamlessly to your customers.

Logistics & Fulfillment

Streamline fulfillment across warehouses and 3PLs to reduce errors and manual work.

Retail Reporting

Run faster, smarter operations with help from dozens of easy-to-use online reports.