“We’re trying to be lean and do things smart as opposed to with brute force. That was the biggest reason we got Stitch.”

Thinx Director of Ops

– Dan Wang, Director of Ops, THINX | Read case study

Modern operations management for modern, growing brands.

Growing brands can’t afford time-consuming and error-prone manual management, or inflexible systems that can’t grow and scale with them as fast as they do.

Stitch’s operations management solution is designed for fast-moving operations teams at growing commerce brands.

Sell flexibly on multiple channels.

Offer fast and reliable shipping to your customers through advanced automation.

Merchandise creatively with bundles, pre-orders, loyalty programs, and more.

Gain complete and accurate control over your inventory and orders.

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Inventory management software

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Order Management

Order Management

Leverage powerful automation with advanced order management systems to optimize order logistics to deliver products seamlessly to your customers.

Order Logistics Routing

Purchasing & Replenishment

Make purchases quickly and confidently with consolidated data, accurate cost capture, and streamlined workflows.

Fulfillment & Shipping


Streamline order fulfillment across warehouses and 3PLs to reduce errors and manual work.

Reporting & Planning

Reporting & Analytics

Run faster, smarter operations with help from dozens of easy-to-use retail reports.

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Leverage best-in-class tools for flexibility today and tomorrow.

Integrate with leading channels and tools in commerce for seamless ecommerce inventory management, inventory accounting, point of sale inventory management, and 3PL management.

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“We are confident that Stitch will be able to connect all of our present desires with our desires for the future. We’re taking over the world!”

Brooklinen Customer

– Julia Babina, VP of Ops, Brooklinen | Read case study

With you every step of the way.

When you join Stitch, you join a coveted community of the best emerging and established modern brands, a team of experts, and dedicated success managers.

Together, we’ve helped thousands of brands accomplish the impossible in record-breaking timelines. We aim to be much more than a technology solution, but rather a partner in your operations.

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"With Stitch, it was clear right from the beginning that you were willing to work with us on creating a unique solution that’s right for our business.”

Peak Design Director of Logistics

– Jen Howell, Director of Logistics and Customer Success, Peak Design | Read case study

Say ‘no’ to ERPs for your operations.

You only move as fast as your slowest team. Growing brands need agile solutions that move as quickly as they do.

ERP systems are great for detailed bookkeeping and financials, but slow your business down when it comes to fast-moving commerce operations.

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