Drive growth with
multichannel sales

Expand into new retail and wholesale channels while keeping inventory and orders in sync.

Scale Operations From a Single Platform

Drive Multichannel Growth

Sell where your customers are by easily expanding into new sales channels and syncing your inventory availability across all channels.

Automate Multichannel Operations

Sync your eCommerce, marketplace, brick-and-mortar, wholesale channels, warehouses, and 3PLs for real-time order and inventory tracking.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Integrate multichannel workflows to eliminate manual and redundant tasks, reduce costly errors, and increase productivity.

Topo Designs uses Stitch to manage inventory sold online, wholesale, and in stores.

"Stitch allows us to not think about inventory. We know when and where we're selling products and we know what we have available. Stitch is the brain for knowing where our inventory is."

– Mark Hansen, CEO | Topo Designs

Expand into New Channels

Create new product listings on Shopify, Amazon, NuOrder and many others by pushing product details to each channel from Stitch in just a few clicks.

Sync stock across all your channels and easily run multichannel pricing promotions to drive sales, optimizing your pricing strategy.

Sync Inventory Across Retail and Wholesale Channels

Integrate your eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, POS systems, EDI, wholesale, and accounting solutions for auto-tracking and auto-updates to inventory and orders across all channels.

Avoid costly overselling and stockouts with automatic cross-channel available stock adjustments, low-stock alerts, and smart replenishment features.

Streamline shipping and fulfillment through automated order processing and fulfillment across multiple warehouses or 3PLs.

Track Business Growth with Multichannel Insights

Identify your best channels, targeted consumer trends, product performance, and more based on channel-specific or aggregate reporting.

Gain multichannel inventory visibility and control with Stitch.