Build unique fulfillment workflows

Flexible fulfillment
at scale

Build unique fulfillment workflows that you can optimize to scale with your business.

”Stitch has saved us an entire job in our fulfillment team and cut manual time-consuming tasks that used to bog down our team."


– David Baker, Head of Sales | The Landmark Project

Deliver fast and flexible fulfillment across your entire operation

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automate time-consuming tasks like splitting, routing, and releasing orders; get time back to push the business forward.

Simplify Multi-Warehouse Expansion

Easily add new warehouses or 3PLs to reduce shipping times, increase customer satisfaction, and drive repeat business.

Gain Control & Visibility

Manage all your orders from one place, giving your team the info they need to get the job done and keep customers happy.

Automatically split orders and route fulfillments

Automatically split orders and route fulfillments

Reduce time-consuming fulfillment work and focus on growing the business

Partially fulfill orders when some items are in stock and others are out of stock

Automatically send shipment notifications to customers for fully or partially fulfilled items


Integrations with 3PLs, Shipping Services, & WMSs

Direct integrations with 3PLs, Shipping Services, & WMSs

Add new warehouses or 3PLs across geographies to enter new markets and reduce shipping time and cost

Send 3PLs only essential information on orders ready to be fulfilled to improve efficiency

Audit your 3PL’s stock on hand and delivery timelines for clear visibility and control

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Order fulfillment settings

Hold and edit orders ready for fulfillment

Set up order hold periods to fight fraud, accept customer changes and allow for edits prior to fulfillment

Control when orders ship based upon channel specific fulfillment rules

Separate digital goods and gift cards from fulfillments sent to 3PLs or warehouses


Reduce risk with complete inventory visibility and control with Stitch.