What is Omnichannel Anyway?


Omnichannel–Unpacking an Industry Buzzword

The word omnichannel is often met with eye rolls at retail industry events. Yet, multichannel doesn’t quite seem to cover the complexity of running an always-on, wherever-your-customer-is, experience-based retail business. With an increasing number of places to sell products, modern, fast-growing brands are thinking strategically about omnichannel inventory management.

In this webinar, Thomas Marks, VP of Marketing at Stitch Labs, and James Buckley Thorp, Founder of Rupert and Buckley, discuss the meaning of omnichannel and how it’s best achieved in today’s retail landscape.

In this webinar, You’ll learn:

  • How to expand rapidly while maintaining your brand’s identity
  • How to tap into the psychological part of buying
  • How to connect your sales channels to achieve efficiency

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