Inventory Management Software

Is your inventory management software holding you back?

Gain inventory control and visibility across all your retail and wholesale channels, systems, and fulfillment locations with the best inventory management software for brands.

Best-in-class inventory management software

Easily manage all your retail and wholesale operations with the best inventory management software to grow and scale your multichannel business.

Order management system

Optimize order logistics with automated order splitting and custom order-routing workflows based on availability, geography, and shipping costs.
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Logistics & fulfillment

Streamline fulfillment across multiple warehouses and 3PLs while customizing workflows with our API to quickly delight customers and reduce costs.
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Retail reporting

Reduce inventory risk, maximize profitability, and drive actionable business decisions with real-time data from the best retail inventory management software.
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Stitch Benefits

Sell better, faster

With the best inventory software, you can turn inventory faster, maintain higher margins, and reduce manual inventory related tasks, helping you focus on what you do best: sell.

Centralize your inventory

Visibility across multiple sales channels, stock locations, and stages of the product life cycle within one simple inventory app.

Avoid overselling

Maximize sales opportunities without running the risk of overselling.

Sell flexibly

Take advantage of merchandising techniques like bundling and pre-orders.

Reduce Inventory Risk

Know your inventory

With Stitch, you and your team get a unified, real-time view of stock levels and inventory performance across locations and channels from one singular inventory control app.

Know what you have and where you have it

Give your team insight into how much is on the way as well as when it’s expected to arrive.

Run a lean operation

Tighter inventory management in Stitch means better numbers pushed to your sales channels and better data for wholesale teams to sell against.

Accountability for the whole team

Maintain accountability across the business through in-app stock history, stock-takes, and reconciliation reports.

Reduce Inventory Risk

Drive repeat business

Turn first-time shoppers into repeat purchasers by selling only what you can actually fulfill. Stitch software for inventory is designed to help you focus on your customers rather than manual inventory tasks.

Stand by your inventory commitments

Customers want to shop from reliable sellers. Stitch helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences through fewer backorders, faster delivery times, and less channel conflict.

Sell where your customers shop

Add new channels, locations, and channels without compromising inventory visibility.

Keep VIP customers happy

Allocate inventory to specific channels and VIP customers. Set aside buffer stock to protect against imprecise counts at your warehouse.

Delight customers

Purchase Smarter

Make faster, more confident purchasing decisions with the best inventory software by Stitch. Know what to reorder and when to help you run a tight, lean operation.

Know when and what to order

Get low-stock alerts, reorder points, historical sales reports, and real-time inventory data to help your team make better purchasing decisions.

Manage just-in-time inventory

Calculate dynamic reorder points based on your lead times, sales velocity, and desired days of stock on hand.

Sell against incoming stock

Know exactly how much inventory is expected and when to help your team sell against it and ensure a healthy cash flow.

Purchasing Software

Key Features

Landed Cost Allocation

Landed cost allocation

Track and distribute landed cost such as freight, import duty, manufacturing, and other charges.

Low Stock Alerts

Low-stock alerts

Set reorder points based on units and/or days and receive automated replenishment alerts via email.

Multi Location Purchasing

Multi-location inventory

View and manage inventory levels across all your warehouses, stores, and 3PLs via a master list.

Stitchlabs Multi Channel Stock Sync

Multichannel stock sync

Stitch automatically up dates your sales channels as you buy, sell, add, or transfer inventory.

Stitchlabs Transfer Orders

Transfer orders

Easily transfer inventory from one location to another, tracking units in transit and inbound by location.

Stitchlabs Bundling


Virtually group items together that are sold as one unit—without making an unnecessary inventory bet.

Stitchlabs Stocktakes


Plan, perform, and audit stocktakes (cycle counts) with or without a barcode scanner.

Stitchlabs Inventory Reporting

Inventory reporting

View historical stock and financials by location, sales velocity, top performers, and most popular product options.

Stitchlabs Cloud Based System

Cloud-based system

Modern Inventory software without the painful upgrades; accessible no matter where a user or team is based.

“With a better picture of our inventory and what’s heading out and what’s available, we have accurate data for forecasting.... It’s super easy to get the data you need to make smart business decisions.”

James Hargett, Manager of CX and Fulfillment | Chubbies

“Stitch Labs has given us the ability to operate several high traffic websites more effectively and efficiently by reducing inventory issues related to selling quick turn CPG products.”

Billy Wilson, CEO | eCig Distributors

“We can quickly and easily look at product availability. The seamless purchase order (PO) process and the ease of being able to transfer product between warehouses are wonderful features.”

Matt Bond, Director, Supply Chain Management | Heroclip

“By expanding into new channels and opportunities with Stitch, our sales numbers have increased while errors have decreased, providing us with a scalable way to react and grow rapidly.”

Anjulei Aurelio, Business Operations Manager | Young & Reckless

Turn inventory faster and at higher margins with the best inventory management app designed for modern brands.