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Advanced inventory and order management to scale your WooCommerce operations

Easily manage the complexities of your WooCommerce inventory through Stitch. Give your growing brand the time it needs to innovate and serve your customers.

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Advanced WooCommerce inventory management for scalable, proven results

Growing is a good thing, but with that comes increased complexity in your business. You need a scalable inventory and order management system to optimize innovation and growth.

Centralize your inventory management software to help you take control of your inventory through multi-location support, geographic order routing, automated backorder management, inventory reporting, and more – supercharging your WooCommerce sales channels.

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Advanced Automation

WooCommerce inventory tracking

Connect your WooCommerce account to Stitch for visibility into what you have, and where you have it.

Retail Reporting

Powerful retail reporting

Identify top product performers within your WooCommerce channels so you can plan ahead and purchase smarter.

Avoid Overselling

Avoid overselling and backorders

Never oversell with automated low-stock adjustments that adjust available stock as sales orders and purchase orders are processed.

Inventory Tracking

Automate time-consuming tasks

Save valuable time, reduce human error, and fuel customer satisfaction with advanced automation.

Superpower Merch

Delight customers with creative merchandising

Improve customer satisfaction and your bottom line with easy-to-manage preorders and bundles.

Order Split Rout

Advanced order splitting and routing

Strengthen your WooCoomerce order management process with automatic order splitting and smart geo-routing.

Key Features

    • Multichannel inventory tracking and control

      Automatically sync inventory levels across your WooCommerce stores via a centralized, master list.

    • Low-stock alerts

      Set low-stock thresholds and reorder points for your WooCommerce channel based upon the number of units needed for automated replenishment alerts via email.

    • Transfer orders

      Easily find, track, and transfer your WooCommerce inventory to various locations, and edit receipt of inventory post-transit.

    • WooCommerce inventory reporting

      View historical stock and financials by WooCommerce channel, sales velocity, top performers and most popular product options.

    • Preorder and backorder automation

      Automate your WooCommerce preorder and backorder workflow to reduce manual entry and reconciliation, keeping your customers happy.

    • Dynamic Bundles and Multipacks

      Virtually group items together that are sold as one unit—without making an unnecessary inventory bet.

Create a tech stack that helps you scale

Stitch is a retail operations management platform that allows your brand to choose the tools it needs to scale efficiently. With dozens of natively integrated sales channels and fulfillment solutions, Stitch will house vital information and ensure that your systems are synced.

As a best-in-class operations and inventory management software platform, Stitch will give you real-time visibility into your workflow for a comprehensive view of your retail business.

“Having aggregated inventory in Stitch helped us perform 50% better at a huge promotional event”

Freda Salvador wanted clear insight and accurate inventory count across their various sales channels. As a brand that constantly experiments with new promotional techniques to allow for more face time with customers, having a centralized system to aggregate important data and streamline manual processes to avoid any discrepancies is crucial. Implementing Stitch allowed Freda Salvador to scale efficiently, and perform 50% better on their annual promotional pop-up event.

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