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Multichannel Inventory and Order Management for Square POS

Enhance your Square inventory management with automated updates across all your sales channels

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Supercharge the growth of your retail locations with real-time visibility into your Square inventory. Steer clear of stockouts and disappointed customers with Stitch’s integrated inventory management software.

Meet your customers where they buy

High-growth merchants like you need flexibility in their operations. As you scale, streamline your Square inventory to have better visibility into the type of product you have, and which retail location it’s in.

With advanced features such as automated backorder management, robust reporting, and innovative fulfillment logistics, Stitch Labs inventory management software supports your brand with the tools it needs to thrive. Optimize your Square inventory tracking with Stitch so you can ensure your best-sellers remain in your stores to keep your customers coming back.

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Optimize multichannel selling

Meet your customers where they buy whether you sell via ecommerce, retail location, pop-up shop, wholesale, or a combination thereof.

Retail Reporting

Actionable retail reporting

Drive profitability by responding to demand with accurate forecasting and detailed reporting.

Advanced Automation

Fast and simple set-up

Stitch is system-agnostic, easily add your Square sales channels for a fast and flexible integration.

Avoid Overselling

Eliminate manual errors

Save time and avoid backorders with automated inventory entry and streamlined operational processes.

Superpower Merch

Delight customers by giving them what they want

Keep on top of your inventory with low-stock alerts, low-stock thresholds, and automatic stock adjustments as inventory moves.

Visibility Assets

Gain visibility into your assets

Track multi-location inventory in real-time, so you know what you have, and where you have it.

Key Features

    • Easy product creation

      Create products for your Square inventory management within Stitch and push that information up to Square for sale.

    • Master of price

      With Stitch as Square’s Master of Price, easily publish listing details up to Square from Stitch.

    • Multi-location inventory

      Manage and sync stock across all Square stores and sales channels to gain visibility into your inventory levels via a centralized, master list.

    • Advanced purchase ordering

      Enhance your Square inventory management with automated purchase orders with appropriate lead times built-in.

    • Low-stock alerts

      Set low-stock thresholds and automated replenishment alerts based upon a specified length of time and/or number of units.

    • Supercharge your Square reporting

      Identify top performing items, sales velocity, and historical stock by location, to enhance your Square inventory control.

    • Stocktakes

      View and audit inventory levels with ease by way of automatic stock syncs as you transfer, replenish, and sell inventory.

    • Order tagging

      Pull and filter comprehensive reports based on order tags.

    • Cloud-based software

      Access the information you need without painful upgrades, no matter where your team is based.

Choose a best-in-class solution for your brand

As a system-agnostic inventory control and operations management platform, Stitch Labs allows your brand to natively integrate with the best tools on the market for retail to create the most efficient technology stack.

Stitch integrates with multiple POS channels, wholesale channels, ecommerce platforms, inventory accounting solutions, and fulfillment solutions to provide your brand with a complete and holistic approach to modern ecommerce. As one centralized system, Stitch houses the information crucial to your brand’s future purchasing decisions for optimized scalability.

“We were impressed by how much flexibility and customizations Stitch brought to the table”

With a staggering 60% international customer base, multiple warehouses, an ecommerce platform, several brick-and-mortar locations, and wholesale, Peak Design needed a system that allowed their complex operations to be housed in one, centralized system. Despite complex pre-order campaigns and major product launches, Peak Design has managed to streamline their workflow and optimize their operations.

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