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Inventory and Order Management for Shopify Plus Brands

Optimize your growth with advanced operations management for Shopify Plus merchants

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Stitch is the leading Shopify Plus platform for brands experiencing rapid growth. We streamline, automate, and manage the operations of your inventory so that you can focus on giving your customers what they want.

Advanced Shopify Plus management for your growing brand

Increasing your reach with customers make your operations increasingly more complex. Brands need a scalable inventory system to streamline those operations and bring the attention back to growing your business.

Stitch Labs offers advanced features such as multi-location support, geographic order routing, automated backorder management, inventory reporting, and more which enhances Shopify Plus’s capabilities and arms merchants with the higher-complexity tools they need.

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Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking made simple

Automatically sync Shopify Plus inventory in real-time across your sales channels for full visibility into what’s where.

Retail Reporting

Powerful retail reporting

Stitch provides accurate inventory reports so you can properly respond to demand.

Order Split Rout

Automated order splitting and routing

Enhance your inventory management by implementing order and overflow routing.

Avoid Overselling

Avoid backorders

Avoid stockouts with low-stock alerts and low-stock thresholds, as inventory is shipped and received.

Superpower Merch

Creatively merchandise

Stitch easily manages pre-orders and bundles to help your brand merchandise creatively to boost sales.

Advanced Automation

Leverage advanced automations

Automate manual tasks to get valuable time back so you can push the business forward.

Key Features

    • Multichannel Stock Control

      Update your Shopify Plus stock and stock from each sales channel in one, centralized hub.

    • Multichannel Price Control

      Manage inventory cost across your multichannel brand, from Stitch.

    • Two-way sync

      Automatically push order and inventory status updates back to each channel.

    • Automated and advanced order routing

      Easily route orders based upon warehouse, zip code, stock availability, and more.

    • POS order routing

      Route orders to ship from specific warehouses.

    • Dynamic bundles

      Experiment with virtual grouping of items to push your business forward.

    • Pre-order / backorder management

      Hold stock that isn’t yet available and easily release stock as inventory becomes available.

    • Low-stock alerts

      Set reorder points for your Shopify Plus sales channel based on sales velocity.

    • Transfer orders

      Transfer stock between locations, and track units in transit along the way.

    • Inventory reporting

      Keep track of financials and historical sales reports, all housed within Stitch.

Build your ideal technology foundation

Stitch is a system-agnostic retail operations management platform that allows you to choose the best tools so you can create a scalable future for your brand.

Stitch operates on the best-of-breed model, offering integrations with world-class sales channels, fulfillment solutions, accounting software, warehouse management systems, for a dynamic view of your brand’s business.

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How Thinx scales with ease

Thinx has grown to sell to international markets in order to better serve the demands of their customers. With a lean team and a lot to operate, they needed a solution that would allow them to be agile, yet efficient. They chose Stitch for the ease at which it was able to integrate additional warehouses and 3PLs, without halting business.

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