Take control of your growth with advanced Shopify inventory and order management

Stitch is the leading Shopify inventory management app for brands experiencing rapid growth. We streamline, automate, and manage the complexities of your Shopify inventory so that you can focus on what’s most important: sell.

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Advanced Shopify inventory management for your growing needs

As you add new channels, locations, products, and number of customers, your operations get exponentially more complex. High-growth merchants need a scalable inventory and order management solution to streamline complex operations to help bring the focus back to selling and growing the business.

Stitch inventory management software offers advanced features like multi-location support, geographic order routing, automated backorder management, inventory reporting, and more to supercharge Shopify’s capabilities and arm merchants with the higher-complexity tools they need.

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Shopify inventory tracking made simple

Automatically sync Shopify inventory in real-time across your ecomm and POS channels so you always know what you have and where.

Powerful retail reporting

Stitch provides accurate Shopify inventory reports to help you identify high and low performers to accurate forecast and respond to demand.

Smarter order splitting and routing

Enhance the Shopify order management system by implementing automated geographic order routing and overflow routing.

Avoid overselling and backorders

Avoid overselling and stockouts with low-stock alerts, and automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are processes and purchase orders are received.

Superpower of merchandising

Pre-orders? Bundles? No problem. Stitch lets you easily manage pre-orders and bundles to help you merchandise creatively and boost sales.

Leverage advanced automations

Automate time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks to get valuable time back and push the business forward.

On average, retailers see a 39% improvement in inventory efficiency with Stitch

Build your ideal technology stack

Stitch is a system-agnostic inventory control and order management systems that allows you to select the best tools for your business to create your ideal technology stack for efficiency today and scalability into the future.

In addition to the Shopify inventory integration, Stitch also integrates with your other sales channels, fulfillment solutions, accounting solutions, and warehouse management systems for a complete and holistic view of your retail business.

Learn how today's fastest-growing brands manage their inventory.