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Gain Visibility & Control of Your Quiet Logistics Inventory

Centralize your orders and inventory across all your sales channels to streamline multichannel operations, boost productivity, and increase profitability.

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Streamline Quiet Logistics Inventory & Operations

Partnering with today’s most forward-thinking brands, Quiet Logistics allows their customers to stay on-brand through their revolutionary approach to packaging, subscription services, and returns. Quiet Logistics boasts streamlined workflows to ensure extreme efficiency, unparalleled speed and precision, and maximum customer services. Focusing on ecommerce brands, Quiet Logistics provides exceptional customer service, and lives up to the requirements set by each brand they work with.

Quiet Logistic’s eCommerce fulfillment aligns our technology experience and team with your specific needs for a customized solution that maximizes your results and delights the end customer. Specialty staff trained in fashion, lifestyle, health, beauty, and home goods act as a true extension of your brand’s team.

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“Stitch Labs is integral to running our operations smoothly. If our operations were a cell, Stitch would be the nucleus.”

Lurking Class, a grungy apparel brand, leveraged Stitch to centralize their inventory and gain oversight into their direct and wholesale channels. Their QuickBooks accounting solution and Shopify ecommerce platform integrated seamlessly with Stitch to create a best-of-breed tech stack, giving them the visibility they needed to expand into new markets and channels.

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