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Inventory Management Software for Quickbooks

Build your financial and inventory backbone with QuickBooks and Stitch

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QuickBooks inventory management pairs robust financials with inventory accuracy to empower brands.

Imagine your operations team and accounting team working together.

As brands scale, the number one painpoint they experience is inventory and financial inaccuracy. When accounting and operations teams work together they can plan for future marketing initiatives and find true inventory cost, all without stunting their brand’s growth.

Stitch Labs and QuickBooks together empower your brand to make informed decisions and experiment with new business tactics. Managing your inventory in several locations while fueling brand growth is challenging. Understanding what you have and where you have it is only half of the equation; accurate inventory financials rely upon the full cost associated with each product.

Propel your brand’s growth with the financial data needed to get things done.

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Quick Simple 1

Quick and simple set-up

Stitch makes it easy for brands to add your QuickBooks accounting solution so you don’t miss a beat.

Make Informed

Make more informed business decisions

Together, Stitch and QuickBooks inventory management system helps your brand stay on track with accurate inventory financials.

Dynamic Inv Cost

Dynamically calculate inventory cost

First-in-first-out and average cost methods arm your brand with the tools it needs to calculate inventory costs when changes occur.

Quick Accurate Bookkeeping

Quick and accurate bookkeeping

Automate your brand’s accounting information such as invoices, purchase orders, and inventory financials.

Keep Team Happy 1

Make your whole team happy--all the time

Accounting teams are happiest with clean financials while operations teams strive for agility. Provide both teams with what they want--seamlessly.

Know Inv And Cost

Know your inventory and understand its true cost

Costs fluctuate depending on suppliers, shipping methods, and selling patterns. Stay on top of your financials with accurate inventory control to improve your bottom-line.

Key Features

    • Track invoices and payments

      Sync inventory financials, stock adjustments, invoices, and payments to QuickBooks in a matter of seconds.

    • Edit costs for purchase orders post-receipt

      Adjust and edit costs of purchase orders after receipt, to ensure accurate and final inventory cost due to variations in shipping method, manufacturing, and fees due to taxes and tariffs.

    • Exportable sales reports

      Access and export comprehensive sales reports in seconds to gain insight into top-selling items and inventory analytics.

    • Inventory lifecycle financials

      Get total transparency into landed costs and the cost of goods sold at every stage of your inventory lifecycle.

    • FIFO method

      Achieve accurate inventory financials with advanced first-in-first-out costing method.

    • Average cost method

      Automatically update average unit cost of your inventory as new product comes in to free up time.

    • Sync payment information

      Schedule and process invoices and sync payment information from vendors and suppliers for fast and simple accounting.

    • Cloud-based software

      Remotely update your inventory financials with inventory management for Quickbooks.

Choose a best-of-breed solution for your brand, starting with Quickbooks and Stitch

Accounting teams need fast and reliable financial data. Operations teams need the ability to experiment and scale. With Stitch, QuickBooks inventory management software allows your entire team to get the information they need to succeed.

Create the best technology stack for your team with Stitch Labs: a system-agnostic operations and inventory management software. Stitch Labs’ 70+ integration partners provide a full-service solution to power your retail operations, helping your brand stay agile and fuel growth.

“Stitch Labs is integral to running our operations smoothly. If our operations were a cell, Stitch would be the nucleus.”

Lurking Class, a grungy apparel brand, leveraged Stitch to centralize their inventory and gain oversight into their direct and wholesale channels. Their QuickBooks accounting solution and Shopify ecommerce platform integrated seamlessly with Stitch to create a best-of-breed tech stack, giving them the visibility they needed to expand into new markets and channels.

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