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Gain Visibility & Control of Your NRI Distribution Inventory

Centralize your orders and inventory across all your sales channels to streamline multichannel operations, boost productivity, and increase profitability.

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Streamline NRI Distribution Inventory & Operations

Stitch integrates with NRI Distribution for seamless inventory management and efficient order fulfillment. Automatically sync orders and inventory across all your channels, gain visibility into your warehouse inventory levels, and use forecasting reports to identify when to transfer inventory or place new purchase orders. As a brand-focused fulfillment provider, NRI prides themselves on not only being a service, but a leader in helping your brand scale. NRI provides value-adds such as returns, warranties, payment management, inspections, and tagging, to make your life easier when dealing with shipping and returns from customers. As the demands of their customers have grown, NRI has remained flexible and agile in adding services as needed.

Whether your brand is direct-to-consumer, wholesale heavy, or in need of special requests, NRI is happy to accommodate and exceed your expectations. Automated data exchange will eliminate manual work and decrease human error, so brands can focus on exploring new market opportunities and continuing to scale.

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Order Split Rout

Flexible Omnichannel Fulfillment

Automatically route orders from integrated sales channels to be fulfilled through NRI Distribution or another fulfillment warehouse. For example all Amazon orders can be routed to FBA and all other orders directly to NRI Distribution.

Advanced Automation

Automate Your NRI Distribution Inventory Control

Avoid overselling and stockouts with low-stock alerts, auto-generated purchase orders, and automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are placed and purchase orders are received.

Retail Reporting

Unlock Powerful NRI Distribution Insights

With actionable reports, you can easily identify which channels and products are driving profitability while accurately forecasting and responding to demand.

“Stitch Labs is integral to running our operations smoothly. If our operations were a cell, Stitch would be the nucleus.”

Lurking Class, a grungy apparel brand, leveraged Stitch to centralize their inventory and gain oversight into their direct and wholesale channels. Their QuickBooks accounting solution and Shopify ecommerce platform integrated seamlessly with Stitch to create a best-of-breed tech stack, giving them the visibility they needed to expand into new markets and channels.

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