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Multichannel eBay Inventory Management Software

Seamless eBay inventory management for modern ecommerce brands

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Pair your eBay marketplace with your other sales channels to maximize profitability.

Gain more visibility, and sell more product

eBay is one part of your business, and modern ecommerce brands need a unified system to house and sync their inventory and information for complete inventory control. Whether you use eBay to sell discounted product or as a way to move aging inventory and boost sales, avoid manual data entry and backorders by automatically syncing all of your sales channels.

Access millions of eBay buyers with integrated eBay inventory in Stitch. Meet your customers wherever they prefer to buy. Experiment with your operations to reach new markets while knowing your that your eBay management software is taken care of in Stitch.

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Virtual Warehousing

Virtual warehousing for complete control

Easily silo inventory to sell on your eBay store and automatically decrement that stock from your main inventory.

Advanced Automation

Gain real-time visibility

Sync your sales channels alongside your eBay marketplace to understand what product you have, where you have it.

Avoid Overselling

Zero backorders and stockouts

Avoid disappointed customers from oversold items with low-stock alerts and low-stock thresholds.

Retail Reporting

Detailed retail reporting to maximize profit

Identify which products are most popular from your eBay inventory so you can respond appropriately to demand and scale with confidence.

Superpower Merch

Advanced features for creative merchandising

Wanting to try flash sales? Loyalty programs? Maintain logistical ease-of-mind with tools to help you move fast.

Know Inv And Cost

Know true inventory cost

Understand the true cost of your inventory with multichannel inventory control.

Key Features

    • Multichannel inventory cost tracking

      Managing multiple listings and sales channels? Stitch inventory management with eBay automatically syncs your stock between channels, error-prone manual tasks.

    • Listing publisher

      List new or reserved eBay product details directly within Stitch, avoiding double-work.

    • Inventory management in real-time

      Stitch acts as the eBay inventory manager, updating all product information including COGS (cost-of-goods-sold), and inventory financials.

    • Advanced reporting

      Stitch Labs’ eBay software gives your brand tools to access useful financials, historical stock, and information about fast- and slow-selling items.

    • Master of price

      Manage all of your price changes in one place. Push updated information on any products up eBay from Stitch.

    • Low-stock alerts

      See how much inventory you have left in days, or by units. Set low-stock thresholds and alerts to keep on top of purchasing.

    • Automated transfer orders

      Moving inventory to a virtual warehouse? Transferring inventory to another location? Track in-transit units and the costs associated with each product for total accuracy.

Go best-in-breed for easy to access inventory visibility

High-growth multichannel brands need flexibility in their operations. With Stitch as your eBay inventory manager, you’re able to integrate with the market’s leading solutions, including marketplaces, ecommerce sites, accounting solutions, and fulfillment services.

Best-in-breed tech stacks allow modern brands to experiment while maintaining financial accuracy. Create the ideal operational tech stack for your brand, so you can continue to scale while serving your customers in the ways you know best.

“With Stitch, it was clear right from the beginning that you were willing to work with us on creating a unique solution that’s right for our business.”

Peak Design came to Stitch with ad-hoc pre-order workflow and the desire to scale. Stitch has allowed them to experiment with new ways of selling their product, and new markets to sell to. Having Stitch as the central source of all data allows Peak Design to sell returned and repaired items on eBay while keeping track of their full-price inventory. When Peak decides to run a promotional campaign or loyalty program, Stitch enables them to keep complete control of their inventory, and the costs associated with it.

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