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Gain Visibility and Control of Your Deposco Inventory

Centralize your orders and inventory across all your sales channels to streamline multichannel operations, boost productivity, and increase profitability.

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Advanced Deposco inventory management for your growing needs

As you add new channels, locations, products, and number of customers, your operations get exponentially more complex. High-growth merchants need a scalable inventory and order management solution to streamline complex operations to help bring the focus back to selling and growing the business.

Stitch inventory management software offers advanced features like multi-location support, geographic order routing, automated backorder management, inventory reporting, and more to supercharge Deposco’s capabilities and arm merchants with the higher-complexity tools they need.

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Order Split Rout

Optimize Order Management

With real-time order management and inventory tracking, you’ll always know the status of an order and be able to provide a better experience for your customers.

Advanced Automation

Automate Your Inventory Control

Avoid overselling and stockouts with low-stock alerts, auto-generated purchase orders, and automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are placed and purchase orders are received.

Retail Reporting

Unlock Powerful Deposco Insights

With actionable reports, you can easily identify which channels and products are driving profitability while accurately forecasting and responding to demand.

"Every second matters and every unit of every product is really crucial our success. Stitch understands how critical this time is for us and has made it really easy."

In 2011, Heroclip was originally crowd-funded by a small online Kickstarter campaign. Overwhelmed by the product’s popularity, CEO Mina Yoo searched for an inventory and order management system to gain clear visibility into their inventory. Heroclip also chose Stitch for its user-friendly interface, integration ability, and intuitive user experience. Learn how else Stitch helps Heroclip climb to the next level.

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