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Multichannel Amazon Inventory Management Software

Controlled, and in real-time. Amazon inventory management that keeps your team moving.

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Meet your customers wherever they buy. Unlock powerful Amazon inventory control with centralized inventory and order management with Stitch.

Seamless Amazon inventory management with Stitch

Enhance the power of Amazon inventory management software. Stitch’s powerful inventory and order management with automatic channel syncing and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) integration will free up your team’s time, eliminate manual data entry and help your brand delivery exceptional customer experience.

Modern ecommerce brands trust Stitch Labs as their Amazon management software to gain real-time insight into inventory levels. As you scale, you can rely on us for flexible, precise inventory management that grows with your business.

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Advanced Automation

Amazon inventory tracking made easy

Automatically sync your Amazon store inventory in seconds. Allocated total inventory across your marketplace, ecommerce, wholesale, and POS channels.

Avoid Overselling

Avoid overselling and stockouts

Automatic inventory adjustments and low-stock alerts prevent overselling and stockouts as new inventory is received or transferred.

Retail Reporting

See product demand with enhanced retail reporting

Easily identify aging inventory and top-sellers on your Amazon channel so you can respond accurately to demand.

Order Split Rout

Overdeliver with advanced order logic

Automatically split and route orders based upon zip code for reduced shipping costs and get visibility into where customers’ orders are at any given time.

Superpower Merch

Reach new markets with experimental merchandising solutions for innovative merchandising

Manage inventory with Amazon flexibly, making it possible to experiment with bundling, loyalty programs and new, creative ways to sell.

Advanced Automation

Centralized inventory control across channels

Stitch automatically syncs stock levels across your sales channels and fulfillment solutions, so you always know what you have and where you have it.

Key Features

    • Master of stock

      Managing multiple sales channels? Automated inventory updates across all your sales channels will eliminate error-prone manual data entry.

    • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

      Stitch integrates Amazon FBA, so all Amazon orders are fulfilled automatically and delivered to customers faster.

    • Listing publisher

      Stitch makes it easy for brands selling on Amazon to publish new product listings and automatically sync availability with other sales channels.

    • Comprehensive reporting

      Access financials, top-sellers, and historical stock by channel for your Amazon inventory via Stitch.

    • Master of price

      Manage your price changes within Stitch and push any updated information to Amazon.

    • Reorder alerts

      Set alerts and low-stock thresholds for your Amazon channel based upon days or units left in your inventory.

    • Automated transfer orders

      Track inbound and in-transit units by location. Shipping information, product cost, and transfer fees for each item will be updated to reflect the accurate cost.

Take a holistic approach to your tech stack

Best-in-class retail operations management platform for Amazon sellers allow your brand to sell anywhere. Stay ahead of your operations with tools that enable your brand to ensure future supply of your most popular items. Stitch provides your brand with the ideal technology stack to make sure your Amazon inventory is up-to-date every day.

In addition to providing a complete and holistic view of your retail business, Stitch supports your brand with integrations of today’s leading marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, accounting solutions, and fulfillment services to make sure your brand is set up for success.

"Every second matters and every unit of every product is really crucial our success. Stitch understands how critical this time is for us and has made it really easy."

In 2011, Heroclip was originally crowd-funded by a small online Kickstarter campaign. Overwhelmed by the product’s popularity, CEO Mina Yoo searched for an inventory and order management system to gain clear visibility into their inventory. Heroclip also chose Stitch for its user-friendly interface, integration ability, and intuitive user experience. Learn how else Stitch helps Heroclip climb to the next level.

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