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Simplified, centralized, streamlined.
Ecommerce inventory management for multi-channel brands.

Wherever your customers buy, you sell. Centralize your ecommerce inventory to gain better visibility and control over your sales channels.

Stitch integrates with the leading ecommerce software platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to streamline your operations.

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Centralized ecommerce inventory management with Stitch

Siloed inventory and manual processes across multiple channels leads to stock discrepancies, backorders, and money left on the table from overstocks. As brands grow, it’s crucial to have a scalable ecommerce inventory software that centralizes your inventory into one, unified location so you can sell with peace of mind.

Modern, multi-channel brands trust Stitch as their ecommerce management software to update inventory in real-time to avoid overselling and missed sale opportunities.

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Unify your sales channels

Get real-time insight into your inventory across your sales channels for better control and visibility over your operations.

Inventory control and visibility

Ecommerce management starts with visibility into your inventory. Stitch automatically syncs ecommerce inventory in real time at each of your locations so you always know what you have and where.

Creative merchandising

Easily manage preorders and create bundled items so you can experiment with new ways to merchandise product.

Order management

Easily split and route orders based upon availability and zip code through ecommerce and product management software within Stitch.

Avoid overselling and stockouts

Avoid overselling and stockouts with low-stock alerts, and automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are processes and purchase orders are received.

Powerful retail reporting

Get actionable reports so you can easily identify which channels and products are driving profitability while accurately forecasting and responding to demand.

Key Features

Multi Location Purchasing

Multichannel Stock Control

Automatically update stock availability for each of your sales channels, including stores and locations, from one pool of inventory based.

Stitchlabs Multi Channel Stock Sync

Multichannel Price Control

Manage price and push price changes and updates to each of your sales channels from Stitch.

Stitchlabs Cloud Based System

Two-way sync

Automatically import sales orders and push shipments and other status updates back to the channel.

Stitchlabs Stocktakes


Plan, perform, and audit stocktakes (cycle counts) with or without a barcode scanner.

Landed Cost Allocation

Advanced Order Routing

Automatically route sales orders based on geolocation, warehouse priority, and stock availability.

Stitchlabs Bundling

Dynamic Bundles and Multipacks

Virtually group items together that are sold as one unit—without making an unnecessary inventory bet.

Stitchlabs Purchase Order Management

Pre-order / Backorder management

Automatically withhold when stock isn’t available and release them when items are in stock.

Low Stock Alerts

Low-stock alerts

Set low-stock thresholds and reorder points for your Shopify channel based upon number of units and/or sales velocity of product for automated replenishment alerts via email.

Stitchlabs Transfer Orders

Transfer orders

Easily transfer inventory from one location to another, tracking units in transit and inbound by location.

Stitchlabs Inventory Reporting

Inventory reports

View historical stock and financials by channel, sales velocity, top performers, and most popular product options from Stitch.

Build your ideal technology stack

Stitch is a system-agnostic ecommerce inventory management software, allowing you to select the best tools for your business to create your ideal technology stack for efficiency today and scalability into the future.

In addition to offering best-in-class ecommerce inventory management, Stitch also integrates with your other sales channels, fulfillment solutions, accounting solutions, and warehouse management systems for a complete and holistic view of your retail business.

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Peak Design leverages Stitch to automate backorder management and improve customer experience

As a popular brand that also maintains lean inventory across warehouses to improve cash flow, Peak Design often has several items on backorder. When a customer order contained a backorder, they would either have to manually split the order to partially fulfill the other in-stock items, or hold the entire order until the backordered item was back in-stock. With Stitch, Peak Design was able to process and manage over 600 orders that contained a backordered item to reduce the number of angry customers, customer support tickets, and time spent on order management.

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