Boost your wholesale business with increased visibility and control.

Centralize your operations while exploring new markets through wholesale.

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Streamline your wholesale inventory management as you expand in new markets

As your sales channels diversify, your operations become increasingly complex. Managing wholesale inventory requires a platform that can reserve inventory for wholesale, report on which products are selling, and centralize your operations.

Modern commerce is demanding and requires brands to constantly innovate and grow. Stitch is built to partner with your brand and remain agile as you continue to scale.

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Unify multichannel operations

Gain insight into your wholesale inventory with real-time visibility and control across all sales channels.

Prepare for high demand retail reporting

Define your purchasing logic from the demands of your wholesalers and how well your products are performing.

Sell on your brand’s terms

Decide whether you want wholesalers to pay upfront or in installations with advanced invoicing capabilities.

Easily track shipment statuses

Understand which wholesale orders are still open and which have been completed.

Get ahead with sales order drafts

Prep drafts of sales orders for wholesalers, so you can stay ahead of schedule.

Key features

Stitchlabs Bundling

Reserve wholesale inventory

Manage wholesale inventory by reserving stock within Stitch. Control when each order commits stock so you know how much is available for sale.

Stitchlabs Multi Channel Stock Sync

Manage invoices and accounts receivable

Check which wholesale orders have been paid for and which haven’t by way of Stitch Labs’ Orders Page.

Stitcblabs Order Routing

Track order status

Track the progress of each wholesale order by checking which orders are still open and which have been completed.

Stitchlabs Stocktakes

Ship and cancel-by date

Use your 3PL integration to enhance Stitch Labs’ ability to communicate the earliest ship date and cancel-by date.

Stitchlabs 3pl Integrations

Leverage partner integrations

Sync your accounting system for accurate wholesale inventory costs for simple wholesale inventory management.

Stitchlabs Purchase Order Management

Create draft orders

Prepare for your wholesale orders ahead of time with the ability to put together sales orders in advance.

Stitchlabs Inventory Reporting

Inventory reports

View historical stock and financials by channel, sales velocity, top performers, and most popular product options from Stitch.

Create your best-of-breed operations management platform

Stitch partners with the industry’s leading companies so you can create an ideal technology stack for your brand. Today’s modern brands apt for agile solutions that will grow alongside you.

With a robust and holistic view of your brand, Stitch acts as an integrated, centralized hub for all of your sales channels, fulfillment solutions, accounting solutions, and warehouse management systems, so you can focus on selling.

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“Having an invoicing solution and reserved wholesale inventory within Stitch has been extremely helpful.”

Kinona was founded in January of 2018 and quickly expanded from purely direct-to-consumer to selling wholesale, leaving the lean-teamed brand the task of experimenting with the best way of managing their accounts receivable. Learn more about how Kinona was able to streamline their wholesale workflow through Stitch Labs’ wholesale inventory system, without halting business.

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