Inventory management your operations team loves, and your accounting team trusts.

Stitch’s inventory accounting software integrates with industry leading accounting solutions to empower operations teams to focus on selling, while providing finance and accounting teams accurate inventory cost.

The leading accounting and inventory software meet to give you reliable inventory financials to help your team make better decisions.

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Understand true inventory cost

In retail, you live and die by your inventory; it's the largest asset on your balance sheet, and what keeps you in business. To truly manage your inventory is to understand not only what and how much you have, but also the cost associated with it at every stage of the inventory lifecycle.

Accounting and inventory management software need to work together seamlessly to understand true cost of inventory in order to report accurately on profit, margins, and overall business health.

Stitch inventory management integrates with the industry’s leading accounting solutions, as well as file integrations to any financial system to equip accounting teams with the financial data they need while empowering operations teams to do what they do best: sell.

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Easy, flexible set-up

With a system-agnostic solution like Stitch, pick and choose the best accounting software for your business. Using a non-integrated financial system? Easily export key financials from Stitch to upload into your system.

Automation your team will love

Sync inventory financials, invoices, and payments automatically to your accounting solution so nothing falls through the cracks.

Make your accounting team happy

Cleaner inventory financials mean cleaner accounting for inventory. Stitch makes accounting teams happy by helping them balance the books easily and accurately.

FIFO and Average Unit Cost

Stitch supports both first-in-first-out costing methods and average unit cost methods to dynamically calculate cost as inventory is purchased and received.

Understand true inventory cost

As inventory moves through its lifecycle from purchasing to selling, costs fluctuate. Stitch captures the true cost of inventory and maintains inventory control so that you can make better business decisions.

Make better business decisions

Stitch provides accurate financial inventory accounting to help your team make better decisions.

Key Features

Multi Location Purchasing

Landed cost & COGS

Capture true landed cost and cost of goods sold through accounting inventory cost at each stage of the inventory lifecycle.

Stitchlabs Multi Channel Stock Sync

Monthly inventory financials

Sync key inventory financials like COGS, inventory assets, and stock adjustments monthly to your accounting solution.

Low Stock Alerts

Sync invoices and payments

Automatically sync invoices and payments from vendors and manufacturers to your accounting solution for easy bookkeeping.

Stitchlabs Transfer Orders

FIFO costing method

Stitch supports the first-in-first-out costing method for more accurate inventory financials.

Stitchlabs Stocktakes

AUC costing method

Automatically updates weighted average unit cost of new and existing inventory as new purchase orders are received.

Stitchlabs Inventory Reporting

Adjustable Costs in Purchase Orders

Ability to edit POs after receipt to capture accurate final cost incurred by fees, discounts, and varying ship methods.

Stitchlabs Order Tagging

Exportable reports

Easily export key financial reports and other inventory analytics reports from Stitch to upload into non-integrated financial systems.

Stitchlabs Cloud Based System

Cloud-based system

Modern Inventory software without the painful upgrades; accessible no matter where a user or team is based

Build your ideal technology stack

Operations teams need agility, flexibility, and scalability when it comes to inventory and order management solutions, whereas accounting and finance teams reliable and accurate inventory financial data.

Stitch is a system-agnostic operations management platform, allowing you to select the best tools for your business to create your ideal technology stack for efficiency today and scalability into the future.

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“Stitch Labs is integral to running our operations smoothly. If our operations were a cell, Stitch would be the nucleus.”

Lurking Class, a grungy apparel brand, leveraged Stitch to centralize their inventory and gain oversight into their direct and wholesale channels. Their QuickBooks accounting solution and Shopify ecommerce platform integrated seamlessly with Stitch to create a best-of-breed tech stack, giving them the visibility they needed to expand into new markets and channels.

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