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What’s Inhibiting Your Growth? Find Out How the Stitch Labs API Can Help


With a rapidly evolving commerce technology landscape, retailers find themselves struggling to both adapt and unify their systems. Here at Stitch, we’ve been working to make this process as easy as possible, and we’re excited to roll out our open API for enterprise customers.

To gain more insight into the impact of a custom API, we surveyed 142 small- and medium-sized retailers. Survey questions were designed to help our team better understand the common pain points and bottlenecks when adopting new technology and integrating new and old systems. Here is a rundown of the results.

Disparate systems are a top inhibitor to growth.


When data lives in different places (for example, if your Amazon orders aren’t connected to your Shopify channel or your PoS system, etc.), it’s hard to accurately track your inventory and know what you actually have available.

Twenty-seven percent of respondents reported disparate systems as the top inhibitor to growth. When your systems aren’t integrated, it’s difficult to use data to make informed business decisions. When your decisions aren’t informed by all available information, you can’t grow efficiently.

Inventory management is the top priority for retailers this year.


With disparate systems inhibiting growth for many retailers, it’s imperative for growth that you have a central hub to which your channels and systems are connected. Inventory management is the No. 1 priority for retailers this year, with 27 percent saying they plan on investing in such solutions.

WIth over 75% of retailers only using 1-10 technology applications for their business, it’s clear they prefer comprehensive, all-in-one solutions. A solution like Stitch Labs serves as a centralized system providing retailers with comprehensive insight into sales channels, partner integrations, their PoS system, and more.

Takeaway: Reduce problems from disconnected systems by implementing a comprehensive inventory management solution


Over 50 percent of retailers’ biggest fear when adopting new technology is either time to implement or interoperability of existing systems.

The reason for opening our API is so our enterprise customers can create custom workflows and processes to make their operations run more smoothly and with greater cohesion and connectivity. We’ve created a partner developer network, from which we can recommend developers to our customers based on the scope of their project and our positive prior experience with these agencies. The projects can typically be completed in several weeks’ time. With the ability to customize based on their specific needs, we hope to assuage our customers’ fears and make it both easy and fast to connect your systems and thus, have increased visibility to make smarter business decisions.

Brian Lance

Brian is Stitch Labs’ first in-house economist. He digs through troves of data and crafts meaningful stories in order to help business owners take a more informed approach to their inventory and e-commerce strategy. He also loves nachos.

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