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If you visited our Support Center in the past, then you’ll easily spot the new changes. We have a new, more browsable interface that helps you quickly find what you need. In addition to the new look, the support team has been hard at work on revisions. We consolidated 25% of the existing articles, edited close to 90% of the remaining content, and added 30 brand new articles.

Our content sections have been re-organized for easier navigation. Here is a brief overview of each new section:

  • The App includes information on the inner workings of Stitch
  • Our Integrations has everything you need to know about our supported integrations
  • Get Started helps you get up and running fast with your Stitch account

Simplify your workflow

Let’s put this new knowledge to good use! Here are some of our most popular new features and suggestions to help enhance your workflow and save time.

Improve sales

  • Master of Price enables you to update prices in Stitch and sync them with your channels. This is a great way to save time and prepare for any upcoming holiday sales.
  • Use the Publishing feature to quickly add new items to Shopify, Square and Amazon.
  • Implement the Bundling feature to easily create gift sets and special deals.

Get organized

  • Use Archiving to cycle out old stock. This will help clean up your inventory catalog while maintaining past sales history in reports.
  • Tag any records in Stitch to stay organized and quickly sort orders, inventory, purchase orders and contacts. Run reports for each section to get sales by tag.
  • Having a flash sale during the busy season? Refer to our Flash Sales guide to make the best of it.

We hope you like all the new changes! If you have feedback or suggestions for a support article, please feel welcome to contact support@stitchlabs.com. We love to hear from you!

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