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Urban Air Market 2012


We had a blast at Urban Air Market last month. We walked up the street from our office to check out all of the artisan wares, handmade products, and creative artwork for sale. We said “hi” to a bunch of Stitch Labs customers, who were out getting people excited about their designs.

This video showcases all of the vendors who were out last month, and we spotted a few of our fabulous customers throughout the clips! Are you in it?

URBAN AIR MARKET: a curated marketplace for sustainable design from Moving Portraits on Vimeo.

Urban Air Market is the largest outdoor design festival in the country and the only independent fashion show focusing on sustainable design. Launched in 2003, today Urban Air Market has grown to over 150 local artists and designers with over 1,500 attendees per show.

If you’ll be in the Bay Area coming up, don’t miss the next show on October 20th. RSVP on Facebook!

Keep up with Urban Air Market on Twitter and Facebook.

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