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Tuesday Tip – Feature Update – Stitch Has a New Help Desk


As we continue to look for more effective ways to give our customers the best possible experience while working with Stitch, we realize many minds are better than one. For this reason, we wanted to find a collaborative way to answer important questions about Stitch and allow our extremely creative Stitch family to interact with each other at the same time. We are so very proud to introduce our new support center that is brought to you by desk.com.

Desk.com makes it easy for teams and whole companies to support customers right from their browser, via email, phone, chat, web, Facebook and Twitter. This way, we never miss a question or a comment about Stitch and are able to respond quickly when questions arise. Not only are we able to respond, but our customers are able to participate in the conversation and respond to each other if they’ve found a more effective way to use Stitch for their business.

Our new support center is very easy to find and use as well. Below are a couple screenshots that show you how to access it from both your Stitch application and from our homepage.

From your Stitch workspace:


From the Stitch Labs website:

Not only can you find the support center easily, but we encourage you to post public questions. This will allow us and others to chime in and help facilitate the best possible use of Stitch.


As we continue to grow and add more people to the Stitch Labs’ family, having infrastructure in place to manage our business becomes more and more important. This is what we stress to our customers regularly. We always want them to get their business systems in place before things get too busy, so they can focus more on making and selling products. We’re following our own advice on this one and with the help of our pals at desk.com, we just made life a little easier. Thanks desk.com, you rock!

Jake Gasaway

Jake is a co-founder and leads business development efforts at Stitch Labs. He spent the early part of his career with major manufacturing companies, Philip Morris U.S.A and the Campbell Soup Company. When he's not in the Lab, you'll find him spending time with his wife and son, or watching college football snuggled up next to an ice cold can of Miller Lite.

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