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The Stitch Photoshoot Adventure


Last week we had an ab. so. lute. ball. This Lab is hustlin’ and bustlin’ to roll out new features, improve existing ones, get the word out about Stitch, and prepare for the next big thing. We are really excited because we are in the midst of redesigning our website. This might not throw you into an all out smile-fest, but it sure does make us buzz with excitement and anticipation. (Okay, and maybe stress us out a bit, too.) We just want it to be SO GREAT for all of our customers, potential customers, investors, friends, and basically everyone on the planet. So, no pressure…

The fantastic news is that I have no doubt our new site will be amazing. It will be beautiful, usable, and speak to potential customers with clarity so that they easily understand Stitch and all we have to offer.

The first step towards our awesome new site was brainstorming! We love brainstorming over here at Stitch, and are always voicing ideas. Some are silly, some are serious, but no matter the core of the idea, we always settle on good ones.

The direction we’ve decided on for our new site features our existing customers. We think this is great. Our users love Stitch Labs! We wanted to showcase their awesome businesses, infectious smiles, and cool products to show potential customers who’s using (loving) Stitch.

To help us get the redesign ball rolling, we hired Sarah Deragon right away. Sarah owns Portraits to the People and takes amazing photos. We love her work. She stopped by our officewarming party and snapped a few – talk about great self-marketing! She’d been on our mind ever since. We love her openness, fun style, and amazing attitude.

After we booked Sarah and were equipped with the best-of-the-best, it was time to reach out to some Stitch-using product-makin’ rockstar business owners. Luckily for us, there are a ton located right here in the Bay Area. It was crazy, I don’t know how it happened, but they were all available on the same day! The website redesign gods were smiling down on us, I guess. That, or Stitch was saving them so much time that their schedules were wide open.


Our first superstar was Kate Ellen of Kate Ellen Metals and CROWN NINE. Willo, Sarah, and I (Camille) drove over to her Oakland studio at The Hive. What a gorgeous workspace! Really amazing. We got to work right away and Sarah’s camera started clicking. We captured so many amazing shots and are really happy with how everything came out. Kate is a natural. Her work is amazing, and her studio is filled with jewelry-making tools, machines, and her own personal flair.

After Kate’s shoot, we needed some sustenance, so we headed back to the city and rejuvenated with some delicious (and I mean DELICIOUS) Mediterranean food from Hayes & Kebab. Hummus, dolmas, eggplant wraps, greek salads, and sunshine. What more can you ask for?


Then it was off to the BeatWares studio, a totally funrageous line handmade by Phoenix Zoellick. At the studio, there is a doorbell marked “beast parlor” and a rotatable peep hole that closely resembles a monster eye. AWESOME. We got amazing shots of her space. Bolts of fabric, multiple spools of various vibrant colors, Phoenix’s personality, and more were all gorgeously captured on film.


After that, we obviously needed a tweet break.

Then it was off to our final shoot of the day! Brad Carrick of Solz generously opened his space to us, and we rocked it out. Sarah reminded us that 70% of any photoshoot is moving furniture. After three photoshoots in 5 hours, we believed her. But we didn’t care one bit! After tearing apart Brad’s space, we got some really killer shots. Brad makes foldable shoes (any woman who’s committed to a pair of heels that she shouldn’t have – this is for you) and solar backpacks that charge devices (like phones, iPads, etc.). His products are so cool, and we were able to highlight them really well.


That’s a wrap! I got to say that twice throughout the day and it thrilled me to no end. Now, we’ve delivered the images to our incredible designer Michelle, and she’s going to work her magic. We can’t wait to get our new site up and live, but these things do take time. We’ll keep you posted as we are looking forward to your feedback!

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