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The History of Retail


From trading camels to virtual dressing rooms and same-day delivery, the retail industry has come a long way. In the same way it would have been difficult for us to envision drones delivering groceries just ten years ago, we can’t be sure of where retail is going next and what innovations will bring us there.

Here, our friends at Lightspeed share a timeline of the history of retail:

Throughout the history of retail, each change to the industry has been accompanied by new technology, processes, and careers. We can’t predict how this timeline will continue to evolve, but retailers can prepare by making their operations as nimble as possible to accommodate growth and change.

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Megan Lierley

Megan Lierley is a content marketer focused on thought leadership and customer stories. When she's not writing, listening to podcasts, or exploring her native Bay Area, Megan enjoys traveling the globe in search of the world's best eggs Benedict.

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